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You can print or view The Current or Proposed Land Development Code in Acrobat PDF format. The Land Development Code is available by articles/subject, in order to provide the code in smaller downloadable files.
Searchable Land Development Code
Land Development Code
Article 01 - Legal

Table of Contents and Legal

Article 02 - Administration

Administration, Zoning Board, and Modifications

Article 03 - Definitions


Article 04 - General Provisions

Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations

Article 05 - Concurrency Management System

Concurrency Management

Article 06 - Sections 6.00.00 - 6.04.20 - Land Use, Type, Density, Intensity, Zoning and Regulatory Controls

General Land Use Regulations - Revised January 2016

Article 06 - Sections 6.05.00 - 6.05.10 Land Use, Type, Density, Intensity, Zoning and Regulatory Controls
Zoning District Regulations - P1, P2, AG-RR, AG2, RR1, R1, R1A, R1M, R2, R2M, R3
Revised September 2015

Article 06 - Sections 6.05.11 - 6.05.27 - Land Use, Type, Density, Intensity, Zoning and Regulatory Controls

Zoning District Regulations - AG-1, PUD, PBD, NC, HCD, C1M, C2M, CT, M1, M2, PID, HD, Town Center, Heart of Navarre Overlay, East Milton Area Wellfield Protection Area, PIT, Military Installation - Revised January 2016

Article 06 - Sections 6.06.00 - 6.08.13 - Land Use, Type, Density, Intensity, Zoning and Regulatory Controls
  District Regulations Navarre Beach

Article 06 - Sections 609.00 - 6.09.02 - Land Use, Type, Density, Intensity, Zoning and Regulatory Controls

Conditional Uses

Article 07 - Performance Standards

Minimum Performance Requirements for Development -- Revised January 2016

Article 08 - Signage

Sign Regulations - Revised January 2016

Article 09 - Non Conforming Uses and Non Complying Structures

Article 10 - Flood Plain Management

Flood Plain Management

Article 11 - Airport Environs

Regulations Pertaining to Development in Airport Environs Revised January 2015

Article 12 - Coastal Management/Conservation

Regulations Pertaining to Coastal Management

LDC Changes Matrix

LDC Changes Matrix

LDC Changes with ordinance number and sections amended

Recommended Native and Non-Invasive Plant Meterial

Recommended plant list

Proposed Amendments Zoning Board Meeting Date BOCC Meeting Date
Proposed amendments related to accessory structures

The code currently requires accessory buildings to be subordinate in size to the main building on the property. In the past, variance requests to exceed this standard are common. The proposed change allows accessory buildings or structures prior to the commencement of construction of a main building, on lots two (2) acres or greater in size located within an Agriculture zoning district. The change also allows these accessory structures on larger lots (2 acres or more in all zoning districts) to be larger in floor area than the main dwelling unit but still subject to the respective zoning district’s height limitation. The Code currently does not allow construction of accessory structures “until the construction of a main building has been commenced.” For canal construction (docks, piers), the timing standard is more stringent, requiring that the foundation of the residence be completed and inspected prior to construction. The proposed change would allow waterfront construction at a point in time when construction of the main building has commenced.

Jan 14, 2016 Jan 28, 2016
Proposed amendments related to the allowable number of wall signs

The code currently allows for commercial wall signage to be located only on one side of a building, the side facing the street. Corner lots are permitted signage on both street fronts. Variance requests to allow signage on non-street front side walls are not uncommon, for instance, out-parcel or commercial center situations where there may be a smaller commercial use surrounded by parking and/or internal development specific roadways.

Jan 14, 2016 Jan 28, 2016
Proposed amendments related outside activities and storage within the Industrial Zoning Districts

The code currently prohibits outdoor storage in the M-1 Industrial Zoning District unless approved by the Zoning Board. In practice, staff has observed this restriction to be unnecessarily limiting. The proposed change would continue to require all principle activities to be located within a fully enclosed building but allow outside storage within the M-1 and M-2 districts (light and heavy industrial) to be as long as it is effectively screened by a solid wall, fence or planting so that the materials are not visible from a residential district.

Jan 14, 2016 Jan 28, 2016
Proposed amendments related to communication tower fuel storage

The Code currently prohibits the storage of hazardous materials within 500’ of a residential zone. This requirement typically requires cell tower operators to seek a variance for locating on-site fuel storage for their emergency generators. The proposed change would allow hazardous or potentially hazardous materials used in conjunction with communications towers and public or private utilities to be stored a minimum distance of hundred (200) feet from any residential structure.

Jan 14, 2016 Jan 28, 2016
Proposed amendments related to Floodplain Regulations Nov 12, 2015 T.B.A.

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