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  • Airport Zones Information
  • Coastal Construction Information
  • Sign(s) Information
  • Zoning District Information
Airport Environs Information
Static Maps
  Airport Zone
Influence Area
Notification Zone
Eglin AFB Download Map - Download Map
NAS Whiting Field Download Map Download Map Download Map
Navarre Area - - Download Map
NOLF Choctaw Download Map Download Map Download Map
NOLF Harold Download Map Download Map Download Map
NOLF Holley Download Map Download Map Download Map
NOLF Pace Download Map Download Map Download Map
NOLF Santa Rosa Download Map Download Map Download Map
NOLF Spencer Download Map Download Map Download Map
Peter Prince Field Download Map Download Map Download Map

Disclosure Requirements

A disclosure notifying potential owners or lessees of the possible effects due to the operations of a public airport or military airfield or installation is required for any residential property that is sold or leased (for more than seven months) which is located, in whole or in part, within a Public Airport Notification Zone or a Military Airport Notification Zone.

This disclosure must be executed by both parties (and signed by any Realtors who represented the buyers or the sellers) and must be attached to the contract of sale or lease agreement. Further, a fully executed copy must be sent to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field Aviation Planning Office, 7077 Lexington Court, Milton, Florida 32570-6016.

Disclosure Form and Instructions

How to determine if a property is located in a Notification Zone

  1. You can check our online mapping system: Interactive GIS Mapping System. Follow the instructions for Interactive GIS Mapping below.
  2. You can utilize the static maps listed above. You will find static maps of all the airfields in Santa Rosa County. These maps are not searchable, but they can be a good reference for a property's location in relationship to the airfield or for advertising purposes.
  3. You can make a request in writing that a determination be made by the Division of Community Planning, Zoning, and Development. Please submit any requests via e-mail or fax (850-983-9874). Please do not submit Airport Zone Disclosure Forms; we will issue you written documentation of any applicable Airport Zones.

Interactive GIS Mapping System

  1. Open the Interactive GIS Mapping System.
  2. After opening the main map display, you can perform a quick search by address in the top right corner, or you can click on Address/Name/Parcel search to search by either street address, owner name, or parcel number.
  3. After successfully searching for a parcel, a results window should appear towards the bottom of the screen. If it does not appear, your search may not have been successful (also, you can toggle the results window on and off by clicking "Results" in the top toolbar). In the results window, click on "Reports" and a page will open which shows the reports which are available. Make sure that the "Airfield Proximity Report" is selected and click continue. The report will open displaying a map of the parcel and identifying any applicable Airport Zones. Use this report to help you complete the Disclosure Form for the property in question.
  4. Additionally, you may select or deselect the Airfield layers found under the Map Layers list (located in the top toolbar). You can add or subtract the various layers for the map view to determine if any Airport Zones are found for the property. You can also zoom in/out and pan in the main map view to get a better picture of where the property lies in relation to the airfield.

Costal Construction
Shoreline Protection

Shoreline protection zone means the area that commences at the mean high water line and runs to and includes the primary dune system. The Shoreline Protection Zone in Santa Rosa County shall also be known as the "Beach Preservation Zone."

The following areas along the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound shall be considered within Shoreline Protection Zone-1:

  1. The water-ward line shall run east-west along the line of mean high water.
  2. The landward line shall run east / west at a location coterminous with the crest of the primary dune system extending along the Gulf-fronting shoreline of the Navarre Beach Planning Area. However, in no case shall any prohibition apply landward of the Coastal Construction Control Line nor to any structure or activity permitted under F.S. 161.053 (5).
  3. For sound-side properties the shoreline protection zone shall be the mean high tide line of Santa Rosa Sound.

Zone-2 is the Shoreline Protection Zone on Escambia Bay, Black­water Bay, East Bay and the basins and bayous and shall be measured from the mean high water line to a point five (5) feet landward of the mean high water line. For complete rules and regulations refer to Land Development Code - Article 12

Coastal Construction
Docks, Piers and Mooring Devices: Non commercial structures such as piers, docks, wharves, mooring devices, lifting and launching devices, the decking of which is no higher than three (3) feet above mean high water, are permitted as accessory structures where allowed in residential districts.

Such structures shall not extend seaward from the property line for more than three hundred (300) feet or fifteen (15) percent of the open water span at the point of installation whichever is less, except as provided in Section 6.03.05(F)(5.b) of the Land Development Code.

When structures are constructed on waterfront property and are to cross on or over areas of public access, this access may not be impeded or blocked by such structures. The owner of said structure must construct or provide public access. This provision shall apply only to water front property located on Escambia Bay south of Highway 90, Blackwater Bay south of Interstate 10, East Bay and Santa Rosa Sound.

Construction of docks, boathouses, piers, retaining walls, seawalls, and dolphin poles requires a zoning approval from the Community Planning, Zoning and Development Division and a building permit from the Building Inspection Department before construction can begin.

For complete rules and regulations refer to Land Development Code - Article 6 and Article 12.

Signs Information
Approval Required
  1. A building permit is required to display, erect, relocate or alter on-premise or off-premise signs, including wall signage and temporary signs, in Santa Rosa County as outlined in Land Development Code - Article 8
  2. A development order must be obtained before a sign permit can be issued for off-premise signs (billboards).
Sign Regulations for Special Overlay Zones
  1. Signs located in the Heart of Navarre Overlay District must comply with the requirements specified in Land Development Code Section 6.05.24
  2. Signs located in the Bagdad Historic or Conservation Overlay Districts must comply with the Bagdad Historic and Conservation District Design Standards and receive approval from the Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board (BAAB) prior to issuance of a sign permit.
  3. Signs located in Navarre Beach must comply with the regulations specified in the Land Development Code, Section 8.14.00.
Sign Placement and Removal
No signs other than those authorized by the Board of County Commissioners are allowed on or over public right-of-way; except as provided herein.

No signs shall project over public property except those signs authorized by the appropriate public agency.

No sign shall be located so as to restrict the view of drivers at an intersection, or while entering and leaving a public right-of-way.

Prohibted Signs

It shall be unlawful to erect or maintain the following signs in any district:

  • Any sign containing or illuminated by flashing or inter­mitten lights, or lights of changing degrees of intensity, except signs indicating the time, date, or weather conditions and electronic message boards.
  • Animated signs.
  • Those that incorporate projected images or emit sound.
  • Roof top signs.
  • Signs which are posted, painted, or otherwise affixed to any tree, utility pole, or fence. Product I.D. and/or public safety signs shall be permitted on fences to a maximum of two (2) square feet per sign per fence.
  • Signs which are not securely fixed on a substantial structure.
  • Signs which are not in good repair or which may create a hazardous condition or which are abandoned.
  • Signs which are illegal under State laws and regulations.

For complete rules and regulations refer to the Land Development Code

Zoning Classifications
District Definition LDC Article Brochure (PDF)
  East Milton Area Wellfield Protection Overlay District 6.05.25 none
AG-RR Agriculture/Rural Residential 6.05.02 Download
AG1 Agriculture/Estate Residential 6.05.11 Download
AG2 Agriculture 6.05.03 Download
C1M Marina 6.05.16 Download
C2M Marina and Yacht Club 6.05.17 Download
CT Commerce and Technology Park 6.05.18 Download
ER Estate Residential 6.05.11 Download
HC1 Historical - Commercial 6.05.22.C.3 Download
HCD Highway Commercial Development 6.05.15 Download
HD Historical District 6.05.22 none
HON Heart of Navarre Overlay District 6.05.24 none
HR1 Historical - Single Family 6.05.22.C.1 Download
HR2 Historical - Multiple Family 6.05.22.C.2 Download
M1 Restricted Industrial 6.05.19 Download
MID Military Installation District 6.05.27 none
M2 General Industrial 6.05.20 Download
NC Neighborhood Commercial 6.05.14 Download
P1 Passive Park 6.05.01 Download
P2 Active Park 6.05.01 Download
PBD Planned Business District 6.05.13 Download
PID Planned Industrial Development 6.05.21 Download
PIT Borrow Pit and Debris Disposal Facility 6.05.26 Download
PUD Planned Unit Development 6.05.12 Download
R1 Single Family Residential 6.05.05 Download
R1A Single Family Residential 6.05.06 Download
R1M Mixed Residential Subdivision 6.05.07 Download
R2 Medium Density Residential 6.05.08 Download
R2M Medium Density Mixed Residential 6.05.09 Download
R3 Medium High Density Residential 6.05.10 Download
RR-1 Rural Residential Single Family 6.05.04 Download
NB-H Navarre Beach - Hotel 6.07.09 Download
NB-SF Navarre Beach - Single Family 6.07.01 Download
NB-MHD Navarre Beach - Medium High Density 6.07.02 Download
NB-MD Navarre Beach - Medium Density 6.07.03 Download
NB-HD Navarre Beach - High Density 6.07.04 Download
NB-C Navarre Beach - Commercial 6.07.05 Download
NB-PMUD Navarre Beach - Planned Mixed Use Development 6.07.06 Download
NB–CON/REC Navarre Beach - Conservation/Recreation 6.07.07 Download
NB-U Navarre Beach - Utilities 6.07.08 Download
TC1 Navarre Town Center Core Zoning District 6.05.23 Download

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