March 22, 2005

File #022,023,024

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer, Office Assistant II, Troy Williams representing Smith Tractor, Dewayne Williams representing Smith Tractor, Cheyenne Gibbs representing Beard Equipment, Mass Blackwell representing Three Deuces, Inc., Chris Herring representing Deep & Wide Dredging, Inc., John Salerno representing Deep & Wide Dredging, Inc., Scott Holden representing Three Deuces, Inc., and Bruce Neu representing Hatch Mott MacDonald.  The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open bids and proposals for Navarre Beach Restoration Dredging & Seawall, Skid Steer Loader, RFP-Architectural Services Navarre. Bids and proposals were received from the following:


  NB Hurricane Restoration Dredging & Seawall:

  1. Deep & Wide Dredging, Inc.                                  $353,230.00

  2. W & W Enterprises, LLC                                       $561,300.00

  3. Three Deuces, Inc.                                                  $740,352.22


  Skid Steer Loader:

  1. Beard Equipment Company                                    $26,950.00

  2. Walker Miller Equipment                                        $28,150.00

  3. Smith Tractor Company, Inc.                                  $29,357.44

  4. Terex Utilities South                                                No-Bid

  5. Ingram Equipment Company, LLC                          No-Bid

  6. Nations Rent                                                          No-Bid

  7. Cowin Equipment Company, Inc.                            No-Bid


  RFP-Architectural Services Navarre:

  1. STOA/Carlos & Law, Architects                            Proposal

  2. Amspacher and Amspacher Architects, P.A.           Proposal

  3. Hernandez Klein Design International                      Proposal

  4. Johnson Peterson Architects, Inc.                            Proposal

  5. Maintenance Design Group                               No-Proposal