July 5, 2005

File #52,59,60

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer; Office Assistant II; Joe Yates representing Three Deuce’s, Inc.; Mike Williams representing Byrd Brothers, Inc.; Willie Mailoto representing Subaqueous Services, Inc.; Pat Huckabay representing DII, LLC.; Ray Terrell representing DII, LLC.; Ted Williams representing DII, LLC.; and Allen Worley. The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open Bids for the Sale of Property (15 acres), and EWP Project Package #6; also Request for Proposal for Architectural Services Pace Library. Bids and proposals were received from the following:


   Sale of Property (15 acres):

  1.   No Bids


  EWP-Project Package #6:

  1.   Byrd Brothers, Inc. teaming with WPR, Inc.          $364,857.00

  2.   DII, LLC                                                              $454,769.00

  3.   Three Deuces, Inc.                                               $536,222.00

  4.   Young’s General Contracting, Inc.                        $795,100.00

  5.   Subaqueous Services, Inc.                                    $2,985,655.80


  RFP-Archictectural Services Pace Library:

  1.   Strobel & Hunter                                      Proposal

2.      Sam Marshall Architects                                       Proposal

1.      Caldwell Associates                                              Proposal

2.      STOA/Carlos & Law, Architects              Proposal