April 17, 2006

File # 56

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer; Office Assistant II; Ralph Hayes representing Hayes Construction, Inc.; Bryan Thurman representing Thurman Construction; Stephen Furman representing Santa Rosa County Public Works; Bryan Nawsome representing North Florida Construction, Inc.; and Paul McLeod representing Southern Site & Utility Design, Inc. The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open bids for EWP-Jay Treatment Plant.  Bids were received from the following:


  EWP-Jay Treatment Plant:

  1.  Hayes Construction, Inc.                                           $472,001.64

  2.  Thurman Construction                                               $648,000.00

  3.  North Florida Construction, Inc.                               $846,412.40

  4.  Duininck Bros. Inc.                                                $1,365,384.00