Santa Rosa County's Board of County Commissioners
6495 Caroline St, Suite M
Milton, FL 32570
Board of County Commissioners
(850) 983-1877
(850) 983-1856

Office Hours:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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County Commissioners
District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5
Vacant Robert A. "Bob" Cole W.D. "Don" Salter Rob Williamson Lane Lynchard
    Vice Chairman Chairman
Commission Overview

The board of county commissioners consists of five constitutional officers or five elected commissioners, who are elected at large to serve and represent one of five districts and the county as a whole, as the governing body for Santa Rosa County. The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners serves as the legislative and policy setting body of Santa Rosa County as established under Section 125 of the Florida Statutes. Each member must reside within the particular district for which seat he/she seeks election. Each year the board organizes itself selecting a chair and vice-chair from among its members to preside at commission meetings. The board duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Adopting, reviewing, and adjusting the annual county budget and authorizing expenditures.
  • Setting and authorizing the levy and collection of county-wide property taxes, with the exception of school board, water and fire district millage rates.
  • Establishing policies and procedures for county departments to meet county goals.
  • Appointing the county administrator, county attorney, and county representatives to other governmental boards or committees.
  • Ratifying, modifying or denying the actions of commissions and boards which are advisory to the county.
  • Adopting and ratifying ordinances and resolutions as needed for the enforcement of county-wide actions.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of county services and programs as performed by the departments under the board of county commissioners. Departments primarily provide development, building, emergency, environmental, road, and park functions or services.
  • Communicating to state and federal government agencies and officials the needs and concerns of Santa Rosa County residents and our community.
  • Representing the county on administrative/advisory boards, commissions, and associations which provided direct and indirect county services, on a local, regional and state level.
  • Other duties and responsibilities that may be enacted by the federal government, state legislature and governor.

The commission meets in regular session to vote on agenda items beginning at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Discussion of agenda items takes place during Committee meetings on the Monday prior to the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held in the commissioners' board room in the administrative center located at 6495 Caroline Street. Meetings can also be viewed on the Web live at, or by watching the meeting in its entirety posted the afternoon of the meeting at the same link. Additional meetings, special meetings and workshops are advertised and open to the public.

Guidelines for Public Presentations


Name of Proclamation Date Posted
Americans with Disabilities Act 07/14/2016
Father's Day 06/20/2016
Pastor David Spencer 06/01/2016
Florida Rivers Month 06/01/2016
Memorial Day 06/01/2016
PrepareAthon! 05/12/2016
Military Appreciation Month 05/10/2016
Emergency Medical Services Week 05/10/2016
National Day of Prayer 04/28/2016
Law Day 04/28/2016
Fair Housing Week 04/14/2016
Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month 04/14/2016
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 03/24/2016
Flood Safety Awareness Week 03/24/2016
COL Rocky McPherson USMC (ret) 03/24/2016
Okinawa Culture Week 11/12/2015
Red Ribbon/Young Marines 10/22/2015
Veterans Day 10/22/2015
National 4-H Week 10/09/2015
Arts in Education Week 09/10/2015
Pink Day 09/10/2015
Munson Fire/Rescue Chief John Michael King 08/27/2015
Rebuild Northwest FL Inc. 08/13/2015
Navarre CERT Radio Days 06/25/2015
Memorial Day 05/14/2015
Fair Housing Week 04/23/2015
Law Week 04/23/2015
National Day of Prayer 04/23/2015
Relay for Life 04/23/2015
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 04/16/2015
Children's Day 04/16/2015
Child Abuse Prevention Month 04/16/2015
Leadership Santa Rosa 03/26/2015
Red Cross Month 03/12/2015
Flood Safety Awareness Week 03/12/2015
Hazardous Materials Awareness Week 02/12/2015
Santa Rosa Young Professionals 01/22/2015
Florida First Responder Appreciation Week 01/08/2015
Captain Matthew Coughlin 12/15/2014
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 11/13/2014
Veterans Day 10/23/2014
Community Planning Month 2014 10/09/2014
50th Anniversary West Florida Regional Planning Council 10/09/2014
Red Ribbon/Young Marines 10/09/2014
National 4-H Week 10/09/2014
Purple Heart County 08/15/2014
Skyline Fire/Rescue Chief Tim Diamond 06/26/2014
Navarre CERT Radio Days 06/26/2014
Flood Safety Awareness Week 06/12/2014
Memorial Day 2014 05/22/2014
Provider Appreciation Day 05/08/2014
Formosan Termite Awareness Week 05/08/2014
National Tourism Week 05/08/2014
National Military Appreciation Month 05/08/2014
National Day of Prayer 04/24/2014
Fair Housing Month 04/24/2014
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 04/10/2014
Child Abuse Prevention Month 03/27/2014
American Red Cross Month 03/13/2014
Pancreatic Cancer 11/15/2013
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 11/14/2013
Giving Tuesday 11/14/2013
Veterans Day 10/24/2013
Daughters of the Nile 10/24/2013
Community Planning Month in Northwest Florida 10/10/2013
National 4-H Week 10/10/2013
Florida Manufacturing Day 09/26/2013
Constitution Day 09/12/2013
Hunger Action Month 08/22/2013
ADA Awareness 2013 07/25/2013
NAS Whiting Field 70th Anniversary 07/11/2013
Memorial Day 05/23/2013
Amateur Radio Week 05/23/2013
National Tourism Week 05/09/2013
Emergency Medical Services Week 05/09/2013
National Military Appreciation Month 05/09/2013
Read Across Chumuckla Day 05/09/2013
Law Day 05/09/2013
Safe Community America 05/09/2013
Rotary Day 05/09/2013
National Day of Prayer 04/25/2013
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 04/11/2013
Fair Housing Week 04/11/2013
Flood Safety Awareness Week 04/01/2013
National Epilepsy Awareness Day 03/15/2013
Ann Bodenstein Day 12/28/2012
Mary Johnson Day 12/28/2012
Veterans' Day 11/08/2012
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 11/08/2012
Clifton Lassiter Day 11/02/2012
United Way of Santa Rosa County Day 11/02/2012
National 4-H Week 11/02/2012
Pancreatic Cancer 10/11/2012
Daniel Palmer Day 07/27/2012
ADA Awareness 2012 07/27/2012
Korean War and Armistice Day 2012 07/12/2012
Amateur Radio Week 06/14/2012
Vietnam War 05/24/2012
Memorial Day 2012 05/24/2012
Arson Awareness Week 2012 05/11/2012
National Military Appreciation Month 2012 05/11/2012
Emergency Medical Services Week 2012 05/11/2012
Tourism Week 2012 05/11/2012
National Day or Prayer 2012 04/27/2012
Law Day 2012 04/27/2012
Read Across Chumuckla 2012 04/27/2012
Flood Safety Awareness Week 03/08/2012
Year of the Girl - Girl Scouts of America 02/24/2012
Military Recognition Day 02/23/2012
Veteran's Day 2011 11/29/2011
Homelessness Awareness 2011 11/13/2011
Captain Pete Hall Day 10/27/2011
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 10/20/2011
Sarah Hartanto Day 10/13/2011
National 4-H Week 09/22/2011
Hispanic Month 2011 09/15/2011
Shakespeare Club Month 09/15/2011
National Preparedness 2011 09/08/2011
ADA Awareness 2011 07/28/2011
Juneteeth 06/25/2011
Campers on Mission 06/08/2011
Law Day 2011 05/05/2011
National Day of Prayer 2011 05/05/2011
Read Across Chumuckla 2011 05/05/2011
Arson Awareness Week 2011 05/05/2011
Edward and Norma Steele Day 2011 03/25/2011
Fair Week 2011 03/25/2011
Commander John Hensel 03/25/2011
National Autism Awareness Month 2011 03/25/2011
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2011 03/25/2011
Fellowship Churches 02/10/2011
Hazardous Materials Awareness Week 2011 02/10/2011
Shepards House Ministries 02/10/2011
Veteran's Day 2010 10/28/2010
Homelessness Awareness Week 10/28/2010
Memorial Day 2010 05/31/2010
Read Across Chumuckla 2010 05/27/2010
Library Appreciation Month 04/08/2010
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 04/08/2010
Fair Housing Week 04/08/2010
National Autism Awareness Month 04/08/2010
Friends of Libraries Recognition 12/10/2009
Friends of Libraries Recognition 12/10/2009
Larry Kelley Day 06/15/2009
National Homeowner Month 06/01/2009
Memorial Day 05/31/2009
Emergency Medical Services Week 05/14/2009
Safe Boating Week 05/14/2009
Read Across Chumuckla Day 05/14/2009
Tourism Week 05/14/2009
National Day of Prayer 2009 04/23/2009
National Day of Prayer 2009 04/23/2009
Library Appreciation Month 04/09/2009
National Military Appreciation Month 04/09/2009
National Autism Awareness Month 04/09/2009
Children's Week 03/12/2009
National Public Safety Telecommunication's Week 03/12/2009
Step Up Florida 03/05/2009
SAFER Santa 02/26/2009
Krewe of Jesters Day 02/21/2009
Cold Weather Shelter 02/12/2009
Hazardous Materials Awareness Week 2009 01/01/2009
National 4-H Week 2008 10/01/2008
Friends of the Library 2008 10/01/2008
International Walk to School Month 10/01/2008
Fire Prevention Week 2008 10/01/2008
Patriot Day 2008 09/11/2008
ADA Awareness 2008 07/24/2008
Amateur Radio Week 06/23/2008
Memorial Day 2008 05/22/2008
Emergency Medical Services Week 05/22/2008
Honor Flight 05/22/2008
Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month - June 2008 05/22/2008
Read Across Chumuckla Day 2008 05/22/2008
Tourism Week 05/08/2008
Library Appreciation Month - April 2008 05/01/2008
National Day of Prayer - May 2008 04/28/2008
Bike Month - May 2008 04/24/2008
National Military Appreciation Month - May 2008 04/24/2008
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 2008 03/25/2008
Agriculture Week - 2008 03/13/2008
Mitch Bunch Special Recognition 03/13/2008
Coach Mickey Lindsey Day 01/11/2008
Steve Duncan 12/13/2007
Pace High School Patriots 12/13/2007
Partners in Animal Welfare 12/13/2007
Help Them Call Home 11/01/2007
Veterans Day 2007 10/25/2007
Medical Reserve Corps and Registry 09/27/2007
National 4-H Week 2007 09/27/2007
Citizen Corps 09/13/2007
Captain Joan Platz Day 08/27/2007
Patriot Day 08/27/2007
David Moore Day 07/09/2007
Amateur Radio Week 2007 06/11/2007
Bike Month 05/10/2007
Memorial Day 05/10/2007
National Day of Prayer 2007 04/26/2007
National Military Appreciation Month 04/26/2007
Autism Awareness 2007 04/26/2007
Boo Weekley Day 04/26/2007
Read Across Chumuckla 2007 04/26/2007
Adam Allen Day 04/23/2007
Library Appreciation Month 04/09/2007
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 03/22/2007
Step Up Florida 2007 02/24/2007
Entrepreneurship Week 2007 02/24/2007
Employee Appreciation 12/14/2006
842nd Signal Company Month 11/09/2006
Purple Heart Monument Day 11/09/2006
Veterans Day 2006 11/09/2006
Project H.O.P.E. 08/29/2006
Rev. Glyn and Sister Jan Lowery 07/14/2006
Pace Softball 06/08/2006
Milton Boys Basketball 06/08/2006
Pace Baseball 06/08/2006
Pace Football 06/08/2006
Navarre Softball 06/07/2006
Ashley Spears Day 04/27/2006
National Day of Prayer 04/27/2006
Read Across Chumuckla Day 04/27/2006
National Volunteer Week 04/13/2006
Guardian ad Litem - National Child Abuse Prevention Month 04/13/2006
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 03/24/2006
Library Appreciation Month 03/24/2006
Hazardous Weather Awareness Week 02/09/2006
Santa Rosa County Teacher of the Year - 2005 02/02/2006
Guardian Ad Litem 10/27/2005
Principal of the Year 10/27/2005
Assistant Principal of the Year 10/27/2005
Veteran's Day 2005 10/27/2005
Beaches to Woodlands 10/13/2005
Project H.O.P.E. 10/13/2005
Tropo Lightning Day 09/09/2005
Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children 09/09/2005
Constitution Day 09/09/2005
Joey Bergsma Retinoblastoma Awareness Week 08/25/2005
Savannah Faust 07/28/2005
Amateur Radio Week 06/09/2005
James G. Mills Retirement 06/09/2005
Read Across Chumuckla Day 05/11/2005
Sharon Daugherty Day 04/28/2005
Bike Month 04/25/2005
National Day of Prayer 04/14/2005
Santa Rosa Pride Month 04/14/2005
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 03/24/2005
Hazardous Materials Awareness Week 01/13/2005
Step Up Florida 01/03/2005
Board of County Commissioners Committee Assignments

NOTE: All committee meetings will be held in the Commissioners Board Room, on the Monday prior to Thursday's committee meeting, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

REGULAR COMMISSION MEETINGS: Commission meetings are held monthly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 9:00 a.m., Commissioners Board Room, in the Santa Rosa County Administrative Center. Special Meetings and/or Committee of the Whole Meetings will be called by the Chairman as needed.

2015 - 2016 Committee Assignments, Board of County Commissioners


District 1: Jayer Williamson (Vice Chairman)
District 2: Bob Cole
District 3: Don Salter
District 4: Rob Williamson
District 5: Lane Lynchard (Chairman)

Administrative Committee Chairman: Lane Lynchard
Vice-Chairman: Jayer Williamson
Staff: Tony Gomillion, Roy Andrews
Budget & Financial Management Committee Chairman: Rob Williamson
Vice-Chairman: Don Salter
Staff: Tony Gomillion, Roy Andrews, Jayne Bell
Economic Development Committee

Chairman: Jayer Williamson,
Vice-Chairman: Lane Lynchard
Staff: Tony Gomillion, Roy Andrews, Roger Blaylock, Shannon Ogletree

Public Services Committee Chairman: Bob Cole
Vice-Chairman: Rob Williamson
Staff: Tony Gomillion, Roy Andrews, Tony Gomillion
Public Works Committee Chairman: Don Salter
Vice-Chairman: Bob Cole
Staff: Tony Gomillion, Roy Andrews, Avis Whitfield, Roger Blaylock
Board of County Commissioners Individual Assignments

NOTE: All committee meetings will be held in the Commissioners Board Room, on the Monday prior to Thursday's committee meeting, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

REGULAR COMMISSION MEETINGS: Commission meetings are held monthly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 9:00 a.m., Commissioners Board Room, in the Santa Rosa County Administrative Center. Special Meetings and/or Committee of the Whole Meetings will be called by the Chairman as needed.

2015-2016 Individual Assignments, Board of County Commissioners

Bay Area Resource Council (BARC) Jayer Williamson
Bob Cole
Blackwater River State Forest Management Plan
Advisory Group Study Plan
Don Salter
Denfense Support Initiative Committee Rob Williamson
Florida Association of Counties Trust (FACT) Lane Lynchard
Gulf Consortium Council Lane Lynchard
Alt. - Rob Williamson
Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Board Lane Lynchard
Juvenile Justice of Santa Rosa County Jayer Williamson
Local Emergency Food & Shelter Program

Bob Cole

Local Mitigation Strategic Steering Committee Rob Williamson
National Association of Counties (NACo) Bob Cole
Northwest FL Regional Transportation Planning Organization Jayer Williamson, Don Salter, & Lane Lynchard
FL-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Jayer Williamson, Bob Cole, Don Salter, Rob Williamson, & Lane Lynchard
Public Safety Coordinating Council Don Salter
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Rob Williamson, Don Salter, & Lane Lynchard
Regional Utility Authority Lane Lynchard
Jayer Williamson
Restore Council Don Salter
Lane Lynchard
Santa Rosa Communications Task Force (ICP) Don Salter
NWF Eight (8) County Coalition Committee Rob Williamson
Lane Lynchard
Santa Rosa County Fair Committee Bob Cole
Santa Rosa County Law Library Committee Rob Williamson
Small County Coalition Jayer Williamson
Bob Cole
SRC Tourist Development Council Rob Williamson
Alt. - Jayer Williamson
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB) Rob Williamson
Tri County Community Council, Inc Board Appointee - Shelia Fitzgerald
West Florida Regional Planning Council (WFRPC) Bob Cole
Rob Williamson

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