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What is RESTORE?

The RESTORE Act allocates 80 percent of the amount of any Clean Water Act fines from the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill to the Gulf Coast. Under RESTORE, the fines are divided into several different sources of funding, with different permissible uses and various methods for approving projects. Importantly, 75 percent of Florida's allocation will come directly to the eight disproportionately impacted panhandle counties which include Santa Rosa, Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, Franklin and Wakulla counties.

Several parties are involved with the various settlements resulting from the Deepwater Horizon blowout, explosion, oil spill and response. To date, MOEX has settled all of its civil liability while Transocean will pay $1 billion in partial Clean Water Act civil penalties, which will be the first funds to be dispersed through the formula outlined in the RESTORE Act. Click here to see a flow chart of oil spill funds in Florida.

The total funding available for eligible activities under the Direct Component will depend on the Trust Fund balance and any adjustment due to sequestration. An estimated $4 million is available to Santa Rosa County in the first dollars offered through the RESTORE Act associated with the Transocean Civil Penalty. This initial release of funding is a small part of an estimated $20 to $60 million Santa Rosa County is expected to receive once litigation and Clean Water Act fines against BP are finalized.

RESTORE Resources and Guidance
Links of Interest
Next Local RESTORE Council Meeting
Local RESTORE Council Meeting Minutes

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Santa Rosa County Local RESTORE Council
On Aug. 16, 2012 Santa Rosa County Commissioners passed a resolution which established the frame work for the county's local RESTORE council. This council is mandated by the RESTORE Act, and is tasked with reviewing projects to determine if they are eligible. The local council will make recommendations to the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners and is the first venue for the public to participate in the selection process for RESTORE Act projects.

The Santa Rosa RESTORE Council is made up of 11 members. Five are appointed by the commission with an expertise in a pertinent area such as the environment, economic development or tourism:
  • District 1 - Cal Bodenstein
  • District 2 - Carole Tebay
  • District 3 - Donna Tucker
  • District 4 - Rob Williamson
  • District 5 - Dave Robau
  • City of Milton - Brian Watkins
  • City of Gulf Breeze - Edwin Eddy
  • Town of Jay - Shon Owens
  • Navarre Beach Chamber - Tony Alexander
  • Commission Designee - Lane Lynchard
  • Current Commission Chairman - District 3 Don Salter
Next Local RESTORE Council Meeting
Local RESTORE Council Meeting Minutes

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On Oct. 14, 2014, the Department of Treasury RESTORE Act interim final rule became effective. In addition, the treasury released a guidance document and for processing grant funds associated with the direct component. The direct component funds are funds that will be received by Santa Rosa County directly from treasury based upon approval of Santa Rosa County's multiyear plan and corresponding grant requests. Santa Rosa County will accept grant proposals based upon the new guidance provided by the treasury from Jan. 12 to April 3, 2015.

Presentations to the Local RESTORE Council

In order to become more educated about the issues Santa Rosa County faces in the areas of the environment, economic development, infrastructure, and tourism, the Local RESTORE Council received a series of presentations during the summer of 2014 that provided an overview of issues that impact the county and which may be of consideration in the evaluation of future RESTORE project submissions. While the LRC does not anticipate scheduling additional formal presentations during the solicitation period (Jan. 12 - March 13, 2015), members of the public are always welcome to make a statement during the public comment period at the end of each LRC meeting. Project specific presentations are not allowed at this time.

Local RESTORE Project Ideas

Santa Rosa's Local RESTORE Council is interested in project proposals from eligible applicants who meet OMB guidelines as indicated in 31 C.F.R.§§200.330 through 200.332, or work through an entity that is qualified to receive Federal Grant Funds. Project proposal information and guidance can be found at the Submit Project Proposal tab on this web page. Proposals for this initial phase of funding will be accepted from Jan. 12 to March 13, 2015

Proposal Details and Instructions

Please read the following information carefully. When you are ready to submit a proposal electronically, please click here or go to the next tab.

Santa Rosa's Local RESTORE Council is interested in project proposals from eligible applicants who meet OMB guidelines as indicated in 31 C.F.R.§§ 200.330 through 200.332, or work through an entity that is qualified to receive Federal Grant Funds. Applicants who wish to submit their proposals for projects to be included in the Santa Rosa County Multi-Year Implementation Plan may submit project proposals following the guidelines provided in the Santa Rosa County Local RESTORE Council Request for Proposals. Proposals will be accepted beginning Jan. 12, 2015 and must be received no later than 4 pm, April 3, 2015.

If you have multiple projects, please plan to submit one proposal for each project.

Projects must focus on one or more of the eligible activities:
  • Restoration/protection of natural resource
  • Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife & natural resources
  • Implementation of federally approved marine, coastal or conservation management
  • Workforce development and job creation
  • Improve State Parks in coastal areas affected by oil spill
  • Infrastructure projects benefiting economy or ecological resources
  • Coastal flood protection and related infrastructure
  • Promotion of tourism and seafood in the Gulf Coast region
This preliminary RFP is for nominations for projects to be included in the MYIP, and should present enough basic project criteria to provide a fair and objective basis for grading each project. Proposals must be submitted for all projects, even those previously submitted through the county's RESTORE portal. Projects approved for inclusion in the MYIP may not be funded at 100 percent of the requested amount. The LRC and BOCC will determine project funding levels based on availability of funds and the needs of the county.


The following resources are provided to assist you in researching and developing project proposals. Click on each link to access the appropriate document:
  • Request for Proposals
  • Sample Proposal - applicants are not required to follow this format, but it has been designed to accommodate project scoring.
  • "What must a Proposal Contain" - includes helpful information for ensuring that proposals are comprehensive and complete
  • Local RESTORE Council Project Scoring Sheet Category 1 - Environment
  • Local RESTORE Council Project Scoring Sheet Category 2.a - Job Creation
  • Local RESTORE Council Project Scoring Sheet Category 2.b - Workforce Development
  • Local RESTORE Council Project Scoring Sheet Category 3 - Infrastructure
  • Local RESTORE Council Project Scoring Sheet Category 4 - Tourism
  • Santa Rosa County RESTORE Act RFP Frequently Asked Questions
  • Santa Rosa County Project Proposal List - List of projects that will be submitted by the county for consideration. This list does not include projects that may be submitted by municipalities or other organizations. The complete list of project submittals will be posted after April 3.

Anticipated Time Line




Dec. 16, 2014

County press release and notice of funding activity


Jan. 12, 2014 - Apr. 3, 2015

Project proposals accepted


Feb. 9, 2015

Pre-application working session for proposers and members of the LRC

LRC, technical staff, proposers, consultant

Apr. 4 - May 8, 2015

Proposal review and scoring

Technical staff

May 11, 2015

LRC reviews proposal scoring results, costs, and draft MYIP development process.


May 29, 2015

RESTORE Technical Staff prepares draft MYIP

Technical staff

Jun. 8, 2015

LRC discusses draft MYIP.


Jun. 8 - Jul. 12, 2015

Revise draft MYIP based on LRC feedback

Technical staff

Jul. 13, 2015

Draft MYIP approved by LRC



45-day public notice for MYIP (County web site; legal notice)


Sept. 10, 2015

MYIP approved by County Commission


Spet. 14, 2015 SRC Local RESTORE Council Meeting (Final approval of MYIP) LRC

Sept. 18, 2015

County submits plan to Treasury for approval (after 45-day comment period)


Nov. 18, 2015

Approval of Treasury (30-60 days)



Initiate individual MYIP grant applications


Submit Proposal

On December 17, 2014, Santa Rosa's Local RESTORE Council announced the solicitation of proposals for projects to be included in the RESTORE Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MYIP). During the solicitation period (Jan 12, 2015 - April 3, 2015), applicants wishing to submit proposals for possible Santa Rosa RESTORE Act funding may submit their proposals online following the instructions below. Proposals will be evaluated based on scoring criteria which can be reviewed here. A list of proposed projects with details will be posted to the RESTORE page after April 3, 2015.

Please read the following instructions carefully. Individual proposals must be submitted for each project, even those previously submitted through the county's RESTORE portal. Upon submittal, you will receive a confirmation email . If you do not receive a confirmation email or if you have any questions or concerns about the process for submitting proposals, please email for direction. Click here to review frequently asked questions and answers about the Santa Rosa County RESTORE Act RFP process and click here for helpful information for ensuring that proposals are comprehensive and complete.

  1. Fill out the following information with the appropriate contact information.
  2. Upload your proposal. Proposals must contain the elements requested in the RFP and meet the following requirements:
    • Must be in PDF format
    • Must not exceed five pages
    • Must not exceed a file size limit of 3MB. Please utilize the Reduce File Size feature within Adobe to ensure that your file is under the limit.
  3. If desired, you may attach one additional document (not to exceed five pages) with supporting documentation such as project location map, detailed budget, project photographs, letters of support, etc. The file must meet the requirements listed above.
  4. Economic development project proposals should be supported by documentation of an Enterprise Florida project application, and a pdf of the application should be e-mailed to The name of the proposed RESTORE project should be included in the subject line of the e-mail so that the Enterprise Florida application can be paired with the appropriate RESTORE project proposal.

Project Name:
Organization(s) or Groups
Submitting Project:
Please choose one or more applicable project categories so that your project will be scored appropriately. Please refer to the scoring sheets on the Proposal Details tab for additional information.   Environment
  Economic Development - Job Creation
  Economic Development - Workforce Development
Primary Contact Information
  Phone Number:*
  Alt Phone Number:
  E-mail Address:*
Please upload your proposal here and attach supporting documentation as desired.

Submission of a proposal in no way assures applicants that the project will receive funding. Proposals will be evaluated based on the scoring criteria which can be found on the Santa Rosa RESTORE Act website. Proposals which meet at least one of the allowable uses will be reviewed and scored by a technical team. The technical team may request additional information from the application, as needed.

The total funding available for eligible activities under the Direct Component will depend on the Trust Fund balance and any adjustment due to sequestration. It is expected that for this round of funding, $4.3 million will be available for Santa Rosa County projects.

I have read the above statement.*


NRDA - Natural Resource Damage Assessment Funding Source: BP

On April 21, 2011, the Deepwater Horizon NRDA Trustee Council announced an agreement under which BP committed to provide $1 billion toward implementation of early restoration projects. These funds are divided among the trustees:

  • $500 million split equally among the Gulf state trustees (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas)
  • $200 million split equally between the federal trustees (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Department of the Interior)
  • $300 million to fund additional state-proposed restoration projects to be selected by federal

NRDA Phase I included 5 projects in Escambia County totaling $5.7 million. NRDA Phase II included $6.7 million for two regional projects. NRDA Phase III included 28 projects across the region totaling $88 million. Nine NRDA projects have a direct or indirect impact on Santa Rosa County.

  1. Improving Habitat Injured by Spill Response: Restoring the Night Sky
  2. Enhanced Management of Avian Breeding Habitat Injured by Response Activities
  3. Florida artificial reef creation and restoration
  4. Scallop Enhancement for increased recreational fishing opportunity in the Florida
  5. Florida Oyster Clutch Placement
  6. Navarre Beach Park Coastal Access and Dune Restoration Project
  7. Navarre Beach Park Gulfside Walkover Complex
  8. Gulf Breeze Wayside Park Boat Ramp
  9. Escribano Point Enhanced Recreational Opportunities
MOEX Offshore Settlement Funding Source: Moex, minority partner to BP

MOEX was a 10-percent non-operating investor in the lease on the Macondo well at the time of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and is the first entity to resolve civil penalty claims. The State of Florida received $10 million in the form of land acquisitions and stormwater management projects under a June 18, 2012 Consent Decree between MOEX and the U.S. Department of Justice.

  1. Stormwater Retrofit Projects for Bay, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties
  2. Conservation/Acquisition of 1,541 acres at Escribano Point in Santa Rosa County for
NFWF - National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Funding Source: Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund

The Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), supports projects to remedy harm and eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to Gulf Coast natural resources affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

  1. Management & Restoration of Escribano Point Coastal Habitat – Phase I
  2. Comprehensive Panhandle Coastal Bird Conservation
BP Gulf Seafood and Tourism Promotional Fund - Funding Source: BP

Established to promote tourism and the seafood industries in Gulf Coast areas impacted by the Deepwater Horizon incident. Recipients of these funds in Santa Rosa County include the following:

  1. Santa Rosa County Tourism Development Council* $491,000 of which $392,800 has been received and the other $98,000 pending final deliverables. (Another $491,000 has been committed for an additional year if all funds are expended and project successfully implemented during the approved time frame). Funds spent on tourism promotion, advertising, etc.
  2. Navarre Beach Chamber of Commerce* $100,000
  3. University of Florida - $171,150 Naturally EscaRosa: Promoting Ecotourism and Agri-tourism in NW Florida
Tourism Funding

In addition to the Promotion Fund, the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Council has received the following funds to support promotion of tourism:

  1. 2010 - $ 1,000,000 from the State of Florida
  2. 2010 - $ 551,511 from BP
  3. 2011 - $ 1,230,471 from BP
Gulf Oil Spill Restoration

Separate funding will also be available for projects of Gulf-wide significance, and will be allocated according to a comprehensive plan developed by the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council. Governor Scott represents Florida on the Council, and has asked the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to propose restoration projects to the council for inclusion in the comprehensive plan. Projects can be submitted online for consideration at

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