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Residential Solid Waste Franchise
Santa Rosa County franchises residential solid waste with three providers, divided by area. A franchise is an agreement the county enters into with a service provider to collect curbside residential solid waste. In return for being given special rights to provide the service, the provider is required to provide a defined level of service to residents and the rates are regulated.

North End Franchise (see also North End Franchise Area Map)
The Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners has entered into an agreement with the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority to provide single-family residential solid waste collection north of the Yellow River beginning Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. No other large truck provider will be able to provide service in the franchise area after Dec. 31, 2014. The franchise agreement does not impact business or commercial dumpster accounts or residents living south of the Yellow River. Residents in the limits of the city of Milton, town of Jay or NAS Whiting Field will have NO change in solid waste providers.

South End Franchise (see also South End Franchise Area Map)
Waste Management of Florida and Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. provide residential solid waste collection services for the south end franchise areas, generally in the unincorporated areas of the 32563 and 32566 zip. Waste Pro provides services for residents in the 32563 zip code and Waste Management for residents in zip code 32566. The franchise agreement with ECUA will not impact customers south of the Yellow River.

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