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Santa Rosa County currently maintains its rating as a Class 5 community in the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System
Application for approval of new driveways located on access management roadways.
Application used for residential accessory buildings used for storage that are under 600 square feet in size.
Use this form to authorize specific people the ability to pick up permits.
Application for zoning approval of coastal construction activities (i.e. docks, piers, seawalls, etc.).
Application for commercial structures including but not limited to: new construction, interior remodels, worship buildings, antennas, and wind turbines.
Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Permit application for the demolition of a structure.
Application for new and existing wiring and wire-related work including phones and security systems.
Application for approval of family homestead or parent parcel (unplatted) subdivision.
Application for new and existing piping and pipe-related work including water heaters and liquid petroleum tanks.
Hold Harmless form for new contractors.
Application for itinerant vendor approval (i.e. mobile food vending, vegetable/fruit stands, etc.).
Application for minor land clearing (no land disturbing, root raking)
Application for minor (unplatted) subdivision approval.
Application used to install a mobile home on a property.
Form that must be completed and recorded at the Clerks Office for work that is over $2500.
Construction permit application for billboards and off-premise directional signs. Zoning approval must be obtained before a construction permit can be issued (see the Off-Premise Sign Zoning Approval Application).
Application for zoning approval for billboards and off-premise directional signs.
Permit application for ground, wall or temporary signs located on-site.
Building permit application and checklist for property owners permitting a structure.
Application for new and existing plumbing and plumbing-related work.
Permit application used to install a pool or spa.
Application for residential structures including but not limited to: new construction, interior remodels, accessory structures over 600 sq ft and installation of windows and hurricane shutters.
Form used when submitting revisions to a  previously submitted  project.
Application for roofing permit for residential structures. Application include a water barrier affidavit which is required when roofing material is torn off and new material installed.
Application for site plan approval for commercial and multi-family residential projects.
Form to be submitted to request a site final inspection for projects that require site plan approval.
Early Power request for construction that is near completion.