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Approved Land Development Projects

Find out what is happening in the Community Now! All new Developments, except single family residential subdivisions, are listed below.

Commercial Development Projects Approved 2017, Map Story
Commercial Development Projects Approved 2016, Map Story
Commercial Development Projects Approved 2015, Map Story
Commercial Development Projects Approved 2014, Map Story

2017 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
09/07/2017 2016-SP-052 INTERBAY OFFICE - PHASE 1 Retention Pond Highway 87 S, Navarre 172S260000001680000
09/07/2017 2017-SP-044 ROCKY D'S BBQ Itinerant Vendor 8460 Gulf Blvd, Navarre Beach 282S269360000001010
09/06/2017 2017-SP-043 ST SYLVESTER Pavilion 6464 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 212S270000001020000
08/21/2017 2017-SP-040 American Legion Civic Organization 2943 Westfield Rd Gulf Breeze 312S280000011220000
08/18/2017 2017-SP-039 Hadleigh Hills Phase II Single Family Hadleigh Hills Ct, Navarre 132S26160500000AREA
08/15/2017 2017-SP-041 FATHER'S DAUGHTER Itinerant Vendor Navarre Pkwy 212S260000001420000
08/14/2017 2017-SP-028 HANCOCK BANK SITE PACE Bank 4612 Highway 90, Pace 111N290000030000000
08/14/2017 2017-SP-038 ST SYLVESTER Kitchen Addition 6464 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 212S270000001020000
08/04/2017 2017-SP-030 JCKE FACILITY Office Warehouse 8124 Opportunity Dr, Milton 312N270000001190000
07/28/2017 2017-SP-034 CREEPTOWN - PARKER RD Recreation 7771 Parker Rd, Milton 242N280000001000000
07/25/2017 2017-SP-031 SMOKIN' TATERS BBQ Itinerant Vendor 5183 Highway 90, Pace 121N290000008010000
07/24/2017 2017-SP-029 TIGER POINT ANIMAL HOSPITAL Parking Lot 4118 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 272S28018000A000120
07/19/2017 2017-SP-018 FORT STORAGE PHASE VII Storage 4114 Avalon Blvd, Milton 171N28011000101MALL
07/18/2017 2017-SP-033 Cool Cats Hot Dogs Itinerant Vendor 8052 Armstrong Rd, Milton 312N270000001060000
07/17/2017 2017-SP-024 SANTA ROSA CREEK INDIAN TRIBE Recreation 7200 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace 142N290000005000000
07/07/2017 2016-SP-049 BOCK BUSINESS COMPLEX Warehouse/Office 8429 East Bay Blvd, Navarre 082S260000004230000
07/07/2017 2017-SP-008 LUNSFORD PROJECT Embroidery Shop 5976 Fairlands, Milton 171N280000080000000
06/21/2017 2017-SP-026 MOE'S AND SANTINO'S Restaurant 4741 Highway 90, Pace 141N290000002100000
06/12/2017 2017-SP-027 YE OLE BROTHERS BREWERY Addition 4458 Highway 87 South, Navarre 391S270000023160000
06/12/2017 2017-SP-025 GULF BREEZE ZOO Concession Addition 5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 202S270000022010000
05/24/2017 2017-SP-015 STARBUCKS - PACE Restaurant/Retail 4830 Highway 90 Pace 111N293100009000110
05/24/2017 2017-SP-014 FAMILY DOLLAR Retail 2694 Highway 87 S, Navarre 092S260000002000000
05/18/2017 2017-SP-023 STATE FARM - WOODBINE Office 4612 Woodbine Rd, Pace 081N290000048010000
05/12/2017 2017-SP-020 MILTON TRUSS Accessary Structure 5817 Commerce Rd, Milton 191N280110000001910
05/04/2017 2016-SP-053 Panda Express Restaurant w/Drive-Thru 4880 Highway 90 Pace 111N293100009000160
04/21/2017 2017-SP-010 DOLLAR GENERAL #18336 Retail 6987 Highway 87N, Milton 162N280000003250000
04/11/2017 2017-SP-004 Gulf Power Munson Station Utilities Munson Hwy, Milton 252N280000036000000
04/10/2017 2017-SP-016 FDOT T3543 Modular Building 10119 Nichols Lake Rd, Milton 131N270000001040000
03/15/2017 2017-SP-011 SMOKIN OASIS Itinerant Vendor 8228 Gulf Blvd, Navarre Beach 282S260000003000000
03/15/2017 2017-SP-007 ALLSPORTS TRAINING FACILITY Commercial 4805 West Spencer Field Rd, Pace 091N290000030060000
03/09/2017 2017-SP-006 BADCOCK FURNITURE - WOODBINE Furniture Store 5565 Woodbine Rd, Pace 061N290000005000000
02/27/2017 2017-SP-002 Pace Crossroads Retail 4877 Highway 90, Pace 141N290000001000000
02/22/2017 2017-SP-005 Adergy Project Parking Lot 3249 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 322S284820003000770
02/13/2017 2017-SP-003 Euby Black Addition 5260 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 242S280000004000000
02/01/2017 2016-SP-057 Patterson Wedding Venue Event Venue 5992 Jeff Ates Rd, Milton 282N270000004030000
01/25/2017 2017-SP-001 Chris Wallace Project Storage 3013 Westfield Rd, Gulf Breeze 312S280000011150000
01/10/2017 2016-SP-045 Zaxby's - Pea Ridge Restaurant w/Drive-Thru 4700 Highway 90, Pace 111N290000001000000