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Procurement Department

All open bids, rfp's and contracts and bid results are listed below. Would you like to be notified of future bids? Or place a bid on a current bid item? You will need to have an application on file with us. To expedite the application process, please complete the vendor application.



On-Line Vendor Application


Current Open Bids

Bid #
Bid Title
Pre-Bid Date
Opening Date
ITB-17-020 Corrugated Aluminum Pipe February 28, 2017
ITB-17-021 Corrugated Aluminized Pipe February 28, 2017
ITB-17-022 Corrugated Steel Galvanized Pipe February 28, 2017
ITB-17-023 Polyethylene Corrugated Pipe February 28, 2017
RFQ-17-011 Commercial Development Assessment & Strategy March 2, 2017
ITB-17-025 Re-Bid Little Duck Circle MSBU Roadway Improvements March 2, 2017
BID-17-024 Sale of Property - Approx 2 Acres March 7, 2017
ITB-17-026 Housing Rehab 6450 Howard Ave March 2, 2017 March 16, 2017
ITB-17-027 Housing Rehab 4267 Wellington Dr March 17, 2017 March 30, 2017