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Santa Rosa County Is Storm Ready!
After the Storm

  • After the Storm
  • Keep listening to your local radio or TV stations for information.

  • If you evacuated, return home only when authorities advise that it is safe.

  • Drive only if it is absolutely necessary. Immediately following the passage of the storm, debris may be covering roadways making them impassible. Emergency crews will be working to clear roadways but it may take hours or even days to clear them all. Avoid sightseeing. Roads may be closed for your protection so if you encounter a barricade, turn around and go another way.

  • Do not drive in flooded areas. Avoid weakened bridges and washed out roadways.

  • Stay on firm ground. Moving water only six inches deep can sweep you off your feet. Standing water may be electrically charged from downed power lines.

  • Beware of downed power lines. Lines may be charged and dangerous.

  • Beware of snakes, insects or animals driven to higher ground by flood waters.

  • Enter your home with extreme caution. Beware of fallen objects or damaged roof and wall sections.

  • Remove shutters or plywood and open windows and doors to ventilate or dry your home if necessary.

  • Check gas, water and electrical lines and appliances for damage. Do not attempt to repair damaged gas or electrical lines. Call a professional.

  • Do not drink or prepare food with tap water until you are certain it is not contaminated. Be certain your refrigerated food has not spoiled before preparing.

  • Avoid using candles or other open flames indoors. Use a flashlight or other battery powered lighting.

  • Use the telephone to report emergencies only. This includes cellular phones.

  • Be especially cautious when using a chainsaw to cut fallen trees.

  • Never connect portable generators to your house. Use them only to run necessary appliances and plug the appliance into the generator.

  • Gulf Power Company has information that may help you determine if power is back in your area.
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