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Approved Oct 20, 2005 - Library Advisory Board Minutes

Library Advisory Board
October 20, 2005
Milton, Florida

 The Library Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Peggy Toifel, Vice Chairman Jacqueline Wiscaver and members Michael Sandler, Martha Lyle, and Patricia Rose. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker) and Grants Coordinator (Sharon Marsh). Walker called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Call to Order – County Administrator

Walker said he will email Board members requesting additional agenda items prior to each month’s meeting. He introduced Patricia Rose, a retired librarian from Gulf Breeze, and said she is the District Five representative.

Election of Chair/Vice-Chair

Rose nominated Toifel as Chairman; Lyle seconded, and the vote carried unanimously (5-0). 

Sandler nominated Rose as Vice Chairman, and Rose declined the nomination.

Toifel nominated Wiscaver as Vice Chairman; Sandler seconded, and the vote carried unanimously (5-0).

Review/approval of September 21, 2005 Minutes

Toifel asked about the name change from Library Advisory Board to Library Advisory Committee. Walker said he is agreeable if the representatives prefer Library Advisory Board. Toifel said Board will be more consistent with what other systems have.

Sandler moved approval of the September 21, 2005 minutes; Wiscaver seconded, and the vote carried unanimously (5-0).

 Library System Transition Plan

 Walker distributed an outline of the Transition Plan to each Board member (Attachment in File). Marsh explained the Transition Plan in detail and said the outline will keep the timelines from getting out of order. Marsh requested the Board members review the Transition Plan and email any changes or recommendations to her. Marsh said she would like to have the Transition Plan finalized by the next meeting. Toifel asked why the dates are omitted from the timelines. Marsh said the dates will be included once all the tasks are clearly identified. There was continued discussion regarding the deadline dates.

Walker said the Library Director position is currently being advertised. He said Linda Hendrix (Milton Library) and myself met with the City of Pensacola to discuss financial and purchasing issues in general. Walker said the meeting was very cordial and productive. He said a lot of the mechanics will be discussed during future monthly meetings with WFRL (West Florida Regional Library).

Rose asked what things WFRL will need to do that Santa Rosa County is dependent upon. Walker said what the county will need from WFRL to operate the system October 1, 2006 will primarily involve the computer system, database, and software. Rose asked who will handle the computer system transition. Hendrix said Technical Services staff and the Librarians will handle the computer system and database transfer.

Toifel said she felt it will be wise to address reciprocal borrowing early in the process. She said this will be beneficial to community support. Walker said an agreement will need to be reached with regard to reciprocal borrowing; technical staff can work out the mechanics. Sandler discussed possible ways to coordinate reciprocal borrowing. He said currently WFRL has more materials than Santa Rosa County, but the material gap will become much less over the next year.

Hendrix presented a Power Point Presentation to the Board regarding the librarians recommended Transition Plan (Attachment in File). She said the librarians felt the transition should be complete and Santa Rosa County live by August 1, 2006. Hendrix said library business picks up tremendously shortly after school starts. Hendrix reviewed the timelines separated into monthly increments. Sandler noted July is traditionally one of the slowest months for libraries which will be helpful during the transition period.

Hendrix said a Library sites trip is being planned the first week of November, and she reviewed the itinerary (Attachment in File). She said anyone is welcome to attend.

Rose asked if the cataloging will be cleaned up as the records are transitioned. Hendrix said yes. She said the vendor providing software will help to standardize the catalog system. Walker said the August 1st timeline is very aggressive. He said this deadline will allow time for adjustments before October 1st.

There was discussion concerning cleaning up the database. Hendrix said library records are fairly standardized which will make the process easier. She discussed the current reciprocal borrowing policy with other libraries. Sandler suggested a daily shuttle between Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties for switching of materials. He said he felt this will be beneficial to patrons in both counties. Lyle said she felt the reason most patrons use libraries outside of their residence county is because patrons use libraries closer to their work. Hendris said recent books such as best sellers are used the most, so the librarians suggest purchasing additional copies of the best sellers. Toifel said she felt the traditional reciprocal system will be the most efficient and cost effective. Hendrix said library patrons will let the librarians know how well the community is being served.

Administrative/Technical Services Site

Walker said he has provided information from NAI Halford regarding a suite of offices in the Gateway Plaza (Attachment in File). He said the space is about 3,600 square feet divided into several offices. Walker said this site leases for $4,200.00 per month or $50,000.00 a year with a two year lease agreement. He said this is the site county staff is considering for the Library Administrative/Technical Services offices. Walker asked Hendrix if she has visited this site. Hendrix said she has not been inside the building. Walker discussed the layout of the site and the size of the offices. There was discussion concerning remodeling the interior space. Walker said this should not be a problem with a two year lease. Toifel asked if there is sufficient time to get the building in shape. Walker said yes. He suggested Donna Holovack, Linda Hendrix, and Sharon Marsh make arrangements with DeVann Cook to look at the building.

Other Business

Walker said he distributed an email received from Faye Roberts, Library Program Specialist with the State Library and Archives of Florida (Attachment in File). He said Roberts will be attending the November 17th Library Advisory Board meeting. Walker reviewed the agenda items Roberts will be discussing and asked the Board if they have any additional items for Roberts to address. Toifel asked if Roberts can provide additional training the day after the meeting. Walker said he will check with Roberts. He said the Transition Plan should be finalized next month so Roberts can see what stage the county is at with the transition process.

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.