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Approved Oct 25, 2012 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force
Special Steering Committee Meeting
October 27, 2011
Milton, Florida
The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date. A copy of the sign-in sheet showing attendees is attached in the file. Hunter Walker, County Administrator, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.
Minutes for meeting held July 28, 2011 were approved as submitted with one spelling correction. 
LMS Working Group Activities / Discussion
  • Approval of LMS Steering Committee
S. Harris presented an attachment that included the by-laws. She noted that the by-laws have not been updated since September 2008. Discussion ensued regarding the composition of and some changes made to the structure of the Steering Committee.  The positions for Emergency Management have been changed to include D. Hahn as the primary representative and S. Bracewell as the designated alternate. A slot has been added for representation by a resident, and an additional slot was added for representation by a homeowner’s association representative. S. Harris indicated that the number of representatives should be in sync with voting requirements and a defined quorum.
H. Walker noted that it is a difficult task to get participation from the private sector. 
S. Furman made a motion that L. Greene fills the appointment as primary representative for the resident sector, and that Joe Sepp, HBTS homeowner’s association fill the appointment as primary representative for that sector. The motion was seconded by K. Thornhill and motion carried. Representatives for the north/central area of the county will be addressed at a later date.
  • Approval of Revised By-Laws
The edited version of the by-laws distributed to this committee includes suggested changes collected from its members. Article I and Article III have been reworded. Any references to DMA 2K were completely removed from the document as they are outdated.
Motion was made by P. Miller to approve the revised set of by-laws with minor corrections/changes. Motion was seconded by S. Furman and carried by committee.
  • Approval of changes to Project Initiatives List
A summary of changes to the Project Priority List was distributed as a hand out. Updates were provided to S. Harris by the City of Jay, City of Milton and Santa Rosa County. The summary indicates the changes to the projects and the changes in ranking. She will work with P. Miller in order to update the listing to reflect the changes. 
S. Harris also indicated that some projects on the county list might be updated or removed in order to reflect progress by resolution through county projects. She stated that a newly formed technical committee may need to re-evaluate accordingly. Discussion ensued regarding some of the mitigation efforts that have occurred and may have caused some items on the list to no longer exist. S. Harris suggested that the technical committee gather to update the listing based on identified changes. She also requested that the technical working group be implemented under the direction of S. Furman.
Motion was made to authorize changes that have been identified. Motion carried. 
S. Harris made a motion to establish a technical working group, and empower that group to review and rank the listing utilizing the ranking system developed by P. Miller, and to bring back recommendations to the Steering Committee. Motion carried.
Flood Mitigation Efforts/Discussion
K. Thornhill advised this committee that she is in receipt of the official notification from FEMA regarding a move from Class 6 to Class 5. This will effect a 25% cost reduction for renewals or new flood insurance policies in Santa Rosa County. She plans to schedule the director of FEMA Region 4 Mitigation Division to make presentation to the BOCC at their regular December meeting.   SRC is one of 13 jurisdictions to obtain a class of this high rating. 
K. Thornhill stated that went into effect October 1, 2011 for the purpose of insurance carriers. She also explained the different preferred risk rates based on locations, areas, zones, etc. Some discussion followed regarding our method of attaining this rating including our flood mitigation plan authorized by the LMS Committee and our outreach strategy. T. Gomillion stated that, in addition, our audits indicate we are effective in enforcing those issues that require enforcement.  
S. Harris added that she expects a grant agreement sometime in November to elevate 5 more homes in the south end of the county, and we are working on an application for 3 additional homes to be submitted in November. Consequently, we may have the potential to elevate a total of 8 homes.     
Updated Website
S. Harris provided a sample page from the new website that includes links for many of the items that the Local Mitigation Strategy Committee has implemented. She invites everyone to go to the site and review.
Next Meeting Date
Committee members will be notified of the next meeting tentatively scheduled for January 26, 2012.
There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned.