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Approved Aug 16, 2012 - Library Advisory Board Minutes

Library Advisory Committee

August 16, 2012

Gulf Breeze Library

The Library Advisory Committee met on the above

date with the following members

Director's Report

Gwen Wilson reported on the Library Programs beginning with the Brown Bag Lunch

Series which started with the Navarre Friends of the Library but was adopted by the

Library System in February. Susan Cook organized speakers using area experts with

different areas of expertise such as couponing, health issues or cultural issues. There

were eight programs with 128 participants. The next program will be Crocheting with

Wire to be presented on the third Wednesday in September. Plans are to expand the


to the other libraries.


in February by seven volunteers with seventeen participants. The workshop was

scheduled to end by 7:00p.m. but was extended until after 9:00p.m. because the

participants enjoyed it so much and were very involved with the process. She said that as

a result of the success of this event there will be a workshop on genealogy scheduled at

the opposite end of the county.

June was Internet Safety Month and links were added to our website for access from the

libraries or from home. Displays were placed in the libraries and there were 89

participants in June and July.

Ms. Wilson mentioned that the county does have site licenses with Movie Licensing USA

and the libraries began showing movies this year as an attachment for books or in

addition to the summer reading program and there was a good response.

Library staff is on the lookout for volunteers to assist with book clubs for adults.

The R.E.A.D. Dogs program in Navarre had 94 participants and 90 participants

Pace library.

Ms. Wilson updated the committee on upcoming programs and events. (See attached)

Wilson noted that there was a Genealogy Workshop conducted at the Milton Libraryat the


schools to issue library cards. Margaret Chatraw said it was tried in the past but there

was a lot of expense and the cards were not used. Ms. Lyle commented that flyers sent

Sandler asked what efforts are being made to connect with children through the


home with school children may help to get them interested in applying for cards. Ms.

Chatraw said she would get in touch with the Media Specialist.

Volunteer Luncheons during Friends of the Library Week will be as follows:

Gulf Breeze Library- October 25th at 1 :30

Milton Library- October 26th at 1 :30


Wilson presented the proposed new Library Logo to the committee (see attached).

Other Business

Ms. Chatraw presented the statistics on the summer reading program. She noted that

children are registered online and they can either print their reading calendar or come into

one of the libraries and get one. Children are encouraged to read for 15 minutes each day

and they mark their calendar when they have read for at least 15 minutes. At the end of

the seven week period they take their calendars to the library and receive prizes based on

the number of days they read. Ms. Chatraw also contacts the schools where the

participants attend and some schools, as added incentive, recognize the participants. A

total of910 children were registered and 257 children returned their marked calendars

giving us a total of9,885 days of reading for

period. There were

mentioned earlier. There were 2,004 participants (children and adults) who attended

programs this summer.

Natasha Godwin showed a short video highlighting attendance at the summer reading

programs. (Video available on the Library website.)

at least 15 minutes per day for a seven week65 summer programs this year which includes the 8 movie programsOf this number 232 attended the movies.


books to purchase at a future meeting.

Menzer requested that the Committee be briefed on how decisions are made on what

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2012 at 4:00p.m. at the Jay Library.


There being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting adjourned at

4:55p.m. to tour the Pace Library with Margaret Chatraw, Pace Library Manager.

present: Michael Sandler, Martha Lyle and Robert Menzer. Also present were Gwen

Wilson (Library Director), Hunter Walker (County Administrator) and Kathy Jordan.

Michael Sandler called the meeting to order at 4:04p.m.

The minutes of the February 16,2012 meeting were approved.