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Approved Sep 8, 2011 - Zoning Board Minutes

Zoning Board
September 8, 2011
Milton, FL.

The Zoning Board met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Bill Dubois, and members David Powell, Paul Carney, William Merrill, Lonnie Hawkins, Bill Seelman, Robin Edwards, Britton Stamps, Rob Williamson, and non-voting member Randy Roy (NAS Whiting Field).  Also present was Beckie Cato, (Planning and Zoning Director) and Shawn Ward, (Planner II).  All those in attendance joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

The first item of business was the review of the minutes from the August 11, 2011 meeting.
Dubois moved approval without objection of the August 11, 2011 minutes.  
New Business:

1. 2011-SX-011 
 Request: Special Exception to subdivide a parent parcel creating one lot without the required road frontage (LDC 2.04.00.C.9)
 Zoned: R1M (Mixed Residential Subdivision)
 Proj/Applicant Theresa Bullard
 Proj Location 4227 Celtic Circle, Milton
 Parcel # 18-1N-28-0000-00409-0000
 District: Commissioner District #1
There was no one in attendance to represent this case.

Dubois moved without objection to table this item until next month.

2. 2011-V-018 
 Request: Variance to allow an accessory structure which is not incidental or subordinate in size to the principle structure (LDC 3.00.01)
Note:  The principle structure is 3616 square feet (including garage & porches), whereas the accessory building is 3750 square feet.
 Zoned: PUD (Planned Unit Development)
 Proj/Applicant Ernest R. Cobbett
 Proj Location 9489 East River Drive, Navarre
 Parcel # 11-2S-26-0000-00184-0000
 District: Commissioner District #4

Ernest Corbett said he owns the house and 3 lots. He said he bought the extra property to store boats on. Corbett said he was unaware of any zoning issues when he purchased the lot. He said there is electricity on this property.  Dubois asked Corbett’s total acreage.  Corbett said 3 acres.  Stamps asked if the building is already exist on the property. Corbett said yes.  He said he went to zoning on other issues and discovered the issue he is here for tonight.  Hawkins asked if building permits were pulled. Corbett said no. 

Hawkins moved approval of this request. Seelman seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

3. 2011-V-019 
 Request: Variance to increase the maximum allowable fence height within a residential district from 6 feet to 8 feet along the east side property line to accommodate a wooden privacy fence (LDC 6.04.16.A, 7.01.10.A)
 Zoned:  R1 (Single Family Residential)
 Proj/Applicant Patrick B. Ropella
 Proj Location 7465 Lakeside Drive, Milton
 Parcel # 36-2N-28-0000-01211-0000 and 36-2N-28-0000-06400-0000
 District: Commissioner District #2
Ropella said he would like to put up a fence, and the height of the proposed fence is the issue. He said when he comes out of his home he has a bad view of the neighbor’s property.  Ropella said the lot adjacent to his had vehicles parked on it until today. He said his neighbor gave him an easement in order to access his property.

Tommy Anaston said he owns the lot adjacent to Ropella.  He said he eventually will build a house on his property.  Anaston said an 8ft. fence will devalue both the subject property and his property. He said he will put up a gate to block the view from Ropella’s property. Stamps asked if Anaston intends to put vehicles back on the property. Anaston said no.  He said there are boat trailers on the property that cannot be seen.  Stamps said he would rather have boat trailers on the lot than an 8 ft. fence.  Anaston said a gate will solve the problem of the view.  Dubois said he does not see a special circumstance in this situation. Carney said this will set precedent. He said a vegetative barrier is a better option.

Carney moved denial of this request. Hawkins seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. 

4. 2011-CU-010 
 Request: Conditional Use to allow the expansion of a private utility facility to accommodate a warehouse building on an existing well site located within an Agriculture zoning district (LDC 6.02.09.J)
 Zoned:  AG (Agriculture)
 Proj/Applicant “Fairpoint Regional Utility System” Ken Walker
 Proj Location 4601 Highway 87 South, Milton
 Parcel # 09-1N-27-0000-00106-0000
 District: Commissioner District #2
Ken Walker said he proposes this warehouse as a storage facility for lime. He said Fairpoint Regional Utility System is a member owned not for profit organization.  Walker said this facility will be used to keep lime away from the water supply. Randy Roy said lighting schemes will be a sensitive issue for the base due to night vision training. Walker said the only lighting will be low wattage security lights.

Hawkins moved approval of this request. Williamson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. 

5. 2011-R-012 
 Applicant: Lewis Cooper - Aero Training and Rental, Inc.
 Parcel(s): 05-2S-26-0000-02300-0000
 Location: 3432 Highway 87 South
 Existing Zone: HCD, Highway Commercial Development
 Requested Zone: M1, Restricted Industrial
 Current FLU: Commercial
 Proposed FLU: Industrial
 Area size: 2.1 (+/-) acres
 District: Commissioner District # 4
 Note: This item was TABLED at the applicant’s request at the July 14, 2011 Zoning Board meeting.
Dubois tabled this item at the applicant’s request. 
6. Town Center Core (TC-1) and Town Center Outer (TC-2) zoning districts 
 Request: The Board of County Commissioners has initiated a process to reverse or modify these zoning districts. Town Center Core (TC-1) and Town Center Outer (TC-2) zoning districts requirements are found in Section 6.05.23 of the Land Development Code and are applied to new development and changes to existing development. 
 Proj/Applicant Santa Rosa County
 Proj Location Holley-Navarre
 District: Commissioner District #4
Cato said this is a follow up to the action the Board of County Commissioners took last month. She made a power point presentation to the board.  Cato said tonight’s hearing is to consider changes to the Town Center 1 & 2 zoning districts. 

Edwards said she has been through the public meetings from the beginning of this process. She said this was an exciting prospect at first, but it is not a reality at this time. Powell said he agrees with Edwards.

Seelman asked if PUD’s (Planned Unit Developments) and PBD’s (Planned Business Developments) are basically the same thing. Cato said the difference is PBD’s are larger parcels that are master plans.   

Williamson asked if the recommendations are specifically for deed restricted parcels. Cato said the recommendations are for all of Town Center 1 and 2 Districts. She said she recommends Town Center 2 District revert back to original zoning of R2M and R1, and Town Center 1 District revert back to original commercial zoning with allowances for a conditional use.

Williamson said if these recommendations are implemented it will be repealing the Navarre Town Center for the Town Center 2 area.  He said he disagrees with this option. Williamson said citizens do not want this plan repealed.  He said development county wide has been on a downward swing. Williamson said the overlay guidelines in place for Navarre Town Center are not the cause for a lack of development in Navarre.  He said if funding of infrastructure is broken out into portions it can be managed.  Williamson said the public wants to improve this plan, not repeal it.  He said his recommendation is to have similar improvements as last month such as remove deed restrictions from the Navarre Town Center area.  Williamson said his position is in no way reflective on staff, and the work they have done. 

Powell asked if the Heart of Navarre overlay still applies to this area. Cato said the Heart of Navarre area applies to Town Center 1 District.  She said the Town Center 2 District has been removed from the Heart of Navarre because the Navarre First Addition subdivision was removed.  

Gladys Goulet said she agrees with Williamson’s statements.  She said it is a scary prospect to change the zoning.  There was continued discussion about the specific changes being made in Goulet’s area. 

Bill Cockerham asked if there has been any Town Center development since the Town Center 1 District was implemented. Williamson said no.  Cockerham said there have been several projects within Town Center 1 District that do not comply with the way it was laid out. He said he felt Cato’s recommendations are logical. 

Dave Owen said he appreciates the board revisiting this issue. He said he has had people call him that wanted to buy his property. He said as soon as they found out it is zoned TC2 they would not buy it. He said he agrees with Cato’s recommendations. 

Joanne Conner said she has been involved in this process from the beginning. She said what the board does now will affect the community forever.  Conner requested the board keep the Town Center 1 District as it is now. 

Brandon Boykin said he would like to get objective information regarding this issue. Williamson suggested the County website. 

Hawkins said this plan is the future of the south end of Santa Rosa County. He said he has faith the County will come back. Hawkins suggested not giving up on the Town Center 1 District, and fixing the issues associated with the Town Center 2 District.  Hawkins said he does not want to throw the whole plan out.

Powell said he sees no information about funding for this plan in his packet. He said he does not want the County to be obligated to fund this plan. 

Carney said the process for development was made easier by the changes made last month. He said he does not think the restrictions are inhibiting development.  Carney said he agrees with making some improvements but not doing away with the plan. 

Merrill said he said he would rather see people get their property rights back; if demand for development returns then adjustments can be made in the future. 

Seelman said he does not want to change course in mid-stream.  He said this idea should be nurtured.  He said he felt the concept is good. 

Edwards said she said the Town Center 2 District needs to be revisited. She said she does not want to give up on this concept.  

Williamson said the City of Gulf Breeze is developing and they have similar restrictions. He said developers look for a component of consistency. Williamson said if this is such a hindrance to development, why is there no development in other areas of the County.  He said there is an existing appeals process in place if a property owner wishes to use it.  Williamson said he felt a repeal of this plan will be the wrong action. 

Bob Benaquis said there have been several investments within the Town Center based on the Town Center Plan.   

Edwards said she knows people who invested in this area because the Town Center Plan was going to be implemented. She said that is why she would like the Town Center 1 District to remain the same. 

Dubois moved approval without objection that all Town Center 1& 2 properties east of Granada St. (Navarre Beach 1st addition) be removed from the Heart of Navarre.

Williamson moved approval to remove Land Development Code Articles 6.05.23.C and 6.05.23.D.  Powell seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.  Stamps abstained. 

7. Proposed text amendment to the Santa Rosa County Land Development Code presented by Beckie Cato:

Amending Land Development Code Section 5.00; Deleting roadways from 5.00.01; Deleting level of service (LOS) from 5.00.02.A.5; Deleting 5.05.03.D; Deleting 5.06.00 Quantitative methods for transportation concurrency; Removing 5.07.01 .A  - Adopted LOS for roads and deleting 5.07.02 administration  of new trip percentages.

Cato made a power point presentation to the board. Dubois said he applauds this change. Merrill said as he dealt with this extensively in his career.  He said he supports this change. 

Hawkins moved approval of staff’s recommendations. Powell seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. 

8. Proposed text amendment to the Santa Rosa County Comprehensive Plan presented by Beckie Cato:

Amending Comprehensive Plan Chapter 4: Transportation; Deleting  Objective 4.1.D and Policy 4.1.D.1 Concurrency management system for roadways and deleting  Policies 4.1.D.4, 4.1.D.5, and 4.1.D.7.

Hawkins moved approval of staff’s recommendations.  The motion passed unanimously. 
Planning Department Matters:  Review of BOCC August 25, 2011 meeting results.
   1.   Conditional Use 2011-CU-009
2. HON modifications
Dubois said the Board of County Commissioners upheld this board’s recommendation for both cases.  

Next Meeting: 

The next Zoning Board meeting will be held on Thursday October 13, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. 


    There being no further business to come before the board at     this time, the meeting adjourned.