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Welcome Businesses!
In order to assist you with making business contacts with the county, we have listed all of the employees in the county who are responsible for purchases in their respective department. If you need further assistance, please email us with your comments and questions at Customer Service . We will be more than happy to assist you!

Departments Contact(s) Phone (850) Email Address (es)
Animal Services Jennifer Peacock 983-4680 Jennifer Peacock
Board of County Commissioners Office Kathy Jordan 983-1855 Kathy Jordan
Building Inspections/Permits Donna Jones or Rhonda Royals 981-7000 Donna Jones or Rhonda Royals
Building Maintenance & County Auditorium Angie Ward 623-1569 Angie Ward
Human Resources Cindy Williams 983-1948 Cindy Williams
Clerk of Courts

Adair Cotton
(computer supplies)

983-5535 Adair Cotton
County Extension Office Evelyn Tibbs 623-3868 Evelyn Tibbs
County Computer Dept Aleta Floyd or Val Jarvis 983-1840 Aleta Floyd or Val Jarvis
Engineering Shirley Powell or Cheryl Powell 981-7100 Shirley Powell  or Cheryl Powell
Emergency Management Deb Grinde 983-5360 Deb Grinde
Emergency Communications/ E-911 Deb Grinde 983-5350 Deb Grinde
Grants Office

Sheila Harris

983-1848 Sheila Harris
Road and Bridge Susan Lewis 626-0191 Susan Lewis
Judicial Departments Brenda VanBrussel 981-5599 Brenda VanBrussel
Human Resources, Risk Management Devann Cook 983-1948 Devann Cook
Navarre Beach Ferrell Tibbs or Terry Wallace 936-6110 Ferrell Tibbs or Terry Wallace
Planning & Zoning Laurie Schulze 981-7075 Laurie Schulze
Parks Department Tammy Simmons 983-1940 Tammy Simmons
Procurement Office Orrin Smith 983-1870 Orrin Smith
Property Appraiser's Office Bubba Drinkard 983-1880 Bubba Drinkard
Sheriff's Department Tanya Doss 983-1100 Tanya Doss
Soil Conservation Shirley Putney

(press 3)

Shirley Putney
Supervisor of Elections Phyllis Jones 983-1900 Phyllis Jones
Tax Collector Rusty Jones 983-1808 Rusty Jones
Team Santa Rosa Tina Stewart 623-0174 Tina Stewart
Veteran's Office Karen Haworth 626-0067 Karen Haworth

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