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Mosquito Surveillance

Ways you can help:

SRCMC utilizes a number of surveillance methods: service requests by telephone from the public in response to nuisance mosquitoes, trapping and identification of mosquitoes, preparation of samples for testing by the Public Health Entomology Research Center Laboratory, mapping and collection data on mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases.

Around your home: Yard Assessment
If mosquitoes are especially bad in your yard but not down the street, and you have remedied every known mosquito problem within your yard, we can assist you in locating possible sites that may be commonly overlooked.

Around the County: Mosquito Identification
A network of 18 trap sites for collecting mosquitoes are used to determine what kind and how many mosquitoes occur in Santa Rosa County, this information is used to direct and evaluate control methods along with monitoring the number of citizens service request in spray areas. Santa Rosa County Mosquito Control is assisted by the Public Health Entomology Research Center Laboratory for the testing of mosquitoes for possible mosquito-born diseases. Test results provided by the PHEREC help us determine the frequency of our mosquito fog truch operations.

Source Reduction: Locating & Removing the Problem
The most effective way for the public to prevent exposure to mosquito borne diseases involves self-protection (taking measures to avoid being bitten, e.g., using DEET and other proven insect repellants, protective clothing, staying inside at dawn/dusk etc.).The public can also take actions such as eliminating potential mosquito breeding areas (i.e. emptying gutters or containers in the yard that accumulate water).

Be Attenitive to the Landscaping:
Various landscaping retains water within the leaves and can actually provide a haven for hatching mosquito larva. Choosing an alternative plant or locating it in non-congregating area may be beneficial.

Mosquito Patrol Your Yard:
Mosquitoes can hatch from anywhere that holds water. You can help alleviate mosquitoes around your by patroling for locations holding water. Common areas around a home that may serve as a source for hatching mosquito larvae include:
Potted plants with pans Don't overwater, remove pan if possible
Drainage ditches Remove vegetation and obstructions to water flow
Low spots that hold water Fill and Regrade
Plugged roof gutters Keep gutters clean
Pet dishes Change water frequently
Trash piles Remove or Cover
Old tires Remove or Cover
Water holding containers Remove or Cover
Poorly maintained pools Follow recommended maintenance
Bromeliads Flush to remove larve
Tree holes Fill with sand or concrete
Debris on roods Remove debris
Ponds Keep Clean, stock with minnows
Boats Cover or turn upside down
Bird baths Flush at least once a week