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Animal Services

Need a pet? Your fur-ever friend is waiting for you at Santa Rosa Animal Services! Adopt, don't shop!  

Lost your pet? Check the shelter  first. Photos posted or visit us in person.  

We also accept donations. Frequently needs items include kitten and puppy food as well as kitty litter.

Love animals and have some time to give back to your community? Ask us about volunteering! Come visit us in person to complete an application or call 850-983-4680 for more information.


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Links & Documents

Adoption Form
Adoption Policy
Pet Adoption Policy and Information.
Animal Services Ordinance
Animals In Our Hearts
Barking: What dog owners need to know.
Need to know about dogs barking for dog owners.
Leash Law Request Form
Leash Law Petition Form
Living With Bears
Living With Coyotes
Information about coyotes in your area.
Preventing Bites