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Mosquito Control

Santa Rosa County Mosquito Control is an Integrated Mosquito Management Program (IMM) that utilizes that a balance of cultural, biological, and chemical procedures are environmentally compatible and economically feasible to reduce mosquito populations to a tolerable level. IMM is an effective, integrated strategy endorsed by the Department of Ecology and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that emphasizes using multiple methods to achieve long-term control of mosquito populations before they become adults and are able to spread diseases. Prevention is achieved through public education, surveillance, monitoring of treatment threshold levels, and control activities that use the most environmentally friendly methods available.

Mission Statement:

  • Protect citizens of Santa Rosa County from nuisance and disease carrying mosquitoes.

  • Reduce/control mosquitoes through Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) based on environmentally-friendly and cost effective methods.

  • Implement public awareness through education programs for potential mosquito breeding habitats around home and businesses.

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General Information

The Mosquito Control Department has 30 spray routes that cover the entire county. Each week approximately 15 routes are sprayed. Typical hours of operation are from sundown to approximately 1:00am. Should the temperature drop below 60 degrees or rain begins, fogging operations are stopped. Route schedules are assigned on Monday afternoon for each week and are based on the following criteria: the number of call-ins the preceding week; field reports from the larvicide crews; and mosquito counts from traps throughout the county.

It is Florida's policy and our direction in Santa Rosa County to achieve adequate mosquito control to protect human health and safety, foster the quality of life, promote economic development and allow for the enjoyment of its natural attractions.