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County Landfill

General Information
There is a minimum charge of five dollars for any transaction. Mixed loads are charged the higher disposal price. For special waste, call 850-981-7135. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (no American Express) for payment. Checks are accepted for amount due only.

Household Hazardous Waste Center
The Santa Rosa County Environmental Department is offers citizens an environmentally safe way to dispose of hazardous household waste. The center is located at the entrance of the Central Landfill at 6337 Da Lisa Road in Milton. Residents of Santa Rosa County can bring in items such as: paint, florescent bulbs, household cleaners, motor oils, gasoline, car batteries, propane tanks, pool chemicals, pesticides, and much more to be properly disposed or recycled. This service is provided Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is free of charge.
Waste from conditionally exempt small quantity generators (ex. schools and small businesses) may be accepted, with prior approval only. Rules and restrictions apply. Please call 981-7135 or 983-4651 for more information.

Class I Household Garbage
Food containers, diapers, cat litter, empty household chemicals, empty oil containers, waste materials generated from the consumption of household products, residential garbage.

Class III
Construction and demolition debris such as: shingles, wood furniture, etc. For asbestos, you need a special waste permit. Call the Environmental Department, 850-981-7135, or email
landfill@santarosa.fl.gov for more information.

Recovered Materials Recovered materials that are disposal items that are segregated in special areas for recycling. These materials include metal, masonry and yard waste. Metal debris is charged class I rates and includes: refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, and other metal materials.  Masonry is charged class III rates and includes: concrete without trash or rebar, brick, and asphalt. Yard waste includes all vegetative debris such as: leaves, branches or land clearing debris. The mulch is available to the public, free of charge, on a first come first serve basis. The remaining yard waste is mixed with dirt and recycled into landfill cover.  

Special Waste
Definition: any waste that requires special documentation, analysis, management, or that poses an additional risk to the county as compared to the normal waste stream. This waste is normally the result of commercial or industrial activity. This waste consists of materials such as asbestos, gas or diesel spill cleanup, commercial or industrial retention basin settlements, residue from chemical or industrial processes, but not including hazardous waste. The determination of whether a waste is classified as special waste will be made by the Santa Rosa County landfill director.

Used or Waste Oil (free)
There is a five-gallon limit for dumping oil per individual.

$135/ton bulk tire drop-off, or $5 each (cars, truck and smaller) and $15 each (large truck and racing tires).

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Special Waste Permit Application
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