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Road & Bridge Closures

Current Road Closures

Garcon Point Rd - Open with Hazards


Garcon Point Rd. at the I-10  bridge # 580076 will be reduced down to one lane headed South bound. On 7/24/17 from 8:00PM expected to reopen at 5:00 AM.

Fisher Old Mill Rd - Closed


Fisher Old Mill Rd in the Holt area is closed at Log Lake Rd due to flooding.  *** UPDATE  Fisher Old Mill Rd will be closed due to wash out until further notice.

Ellis Rd - Closed


Ellis Rd in the Berrydale area is close from Hwy 87 N to Sutton Allen Rd. due to a wash out. Residents on the east of 6743 Ellis Rd will need to use Hwy 87 N as the exit and residents on the west of 6706 Ellis Rd will need to use Sutton Allen Rd or Hwy 4 as their exit.

Current Bridge Closures

There are No Bridge Closures at this time.