Coastal Construction

Shoreline Protection

Shoreline protection zone means the area that commences at the mean high water line and runs to and includes the primary dune system. The Shoreline Protection Zone in Santa Rosa County shall also be known as the "Beach Preservation Zone."


The following areas along the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound shall be considered within Shoreline Protection Zone-1:

  1. The water-ward line shall run east-west along the line of mean high water.
  2. The landward line shall run east / west at a location coterminous with the crest of the primary dune system extending along the Gulf-fronting shoreline of the Navarre Beach Planning Area. However, in no case shall any prohibition apply landward of the Coastal Construction Control Line nor to any structure or activity permitted under F.S 161.053 (5).
  3. For sound-side properties the shoreline protection zone shall be the mean high tide line of Santa Rosa Sound.


Zone-2 is the Shoreline Protection Zone on Escambia Bay, Black­water Bay, East Bay and the basins and bayous and shall be measured from the mean high water line to a point 5 feet landward of the mean high water line. For complete rules and regulations refer to Land Development Code - Article 12

Coastal Construction

Docks, Piers and Mooring Devices: Non commercial structures such as piers, docks, wharves, mooring devices, lifting and launching devices, the decking of which is no higher than 3 feet above mean high water, are permitted as accessory structures where allowed in residential districts.

Such structures shall not extend seaward from the property line for more than 300 feet or 15% of the open water span at the point of installation whichever is less, except as provided in Section 6.03.05(F)(5.b) of the Land Development Code.

Public Access

When structures are constructed on waterfront property and are to cross on or over areas of public access, this access may not be impeded or blocked by such structures. The owner of said structure must construct or provide public access. This provision shall apply only to water front property located on 

  • Blackwater Bay south of Interstate 10
  • East Bay
  • Escambia Bay south of Highway 90
  • Santa Rosa Sound

Pre-Construction Approval

A zoning approval from the Community Planning, Zoning and Development Division and a building permit from the Building Inspection Department before construction can begin on the construction of:

  • Boathouses
  • Docks
  • Dolphin poles
  • Piers
  • Retaining walls
  • Seawalls

For complete rules and regulations refer to Land Development Code - Article 6 and Article 12.