Five Things to Do Now Before a Disaster

  1. Locate where you live and your evacuation zone or enter your address online at Know Your Zone. Determine if and when you would have to evacuate. Remember: All mobile home residents are advised to evacuate, regardless of location. If you need help determining your zone, contact Santa Rosa County Emergency Management before a storm threatens at 850-983-5360.
  2. Decide NOW where you would go if ordered to evacuate - a friend or relative's home, a hotel or as a last resort, a public shelter. Remember, if you are going to leave the area or go to a hotel, don't delay. Determine your route, leave early and travel the shortest distance possible. Think tens of miles, not hundreds.
  3. Purchase a battery-powered NOAA weather radio and a non-electric landline phone. Even though phone service may not be disturbed, a cordless phone will not work during power outages.
  4. Make sure your street address number is clearly marked on your home.
  5. Whether you rent or own your home, review your insurance policies with your agent now.
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