Business Continuity


To develop active partnerships within the Escambia and Santa Rosa County business community for enhancing disaster resiliency and continuity.


To be the most sustainable, disaster-resilient business community in America.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the EscaRosa Business Continuity Initiative (BCI) is such that it allows a free exchange of ideas, centralized planning, and cooperation before, during, and after disasters.

EscaRosa Business Continuity Initiative (BCI) Logo

Plans & Ideas

Santa Rosa is excited to present the EscaRosa Business Continuity Initiative as a venue for businesses in Santa Rosa County to be involved with developing plans and sharing ideas to keep businesses in the county open during and after a disaster.


EscaRosa BCI is an organization that includes in the workgroup:

  • All the Chambers of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau
  • COADs in each county (BRACE and SAFER Santa Rosa)
  • Emergency management from Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties
  • Gulf Power
  • UWF Small Business Development Center
EscaRosa Business Continuity Initiative Workgroup Organization