Environmental Education

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Blackwater Soil and Water Conservation District places great importance on environmental education. The District takes part in a variety of school functions every year in an effort to spread awareness about out natural resources and the importance of conservation. Events with District participation include the annual Future Farmers of America’s land judging contest, the National Association of Conservation District’s annual poster contest, the occasional beach sand dune restoration and awareness project, and a variety of other career/science day events and classroom lectures. At many of these events District staff make use of in-house developed programs and exhibits, like the soil tunnel, as a means of more successfully helping students learn about our natural resources. It is the District’s hope that with the exposure achieved through these soil and water resource programs, students will gain a better understanding of the natural world they live in and develop a greater respect and appreciation for its resources.

To learn more about some of these education endeavors follow the links (on the right).