Navarre Beach Closure due to covid-19

Map showing areas along Navarre Beach that are closed due to COVID-19 as well as location of the sheMap showing areas along Navarre Beach that are closed due to COVID-19

Santa Rosa County enacted an emergency measure to close Navarre Beach and the pier, effective as of midnight, Fri., Mar. 20. See the red areas of the graphic above.

***** The entire island and its beaches are closed until further notice. The island is ONLY open to Navarre Beach residents, hotel/rental guests and workers. The beaches are closed to everyone. NO ONE, regardless of residence or guest status, will be allowed on the beach in the areas indicated in red on the graphic. Final determination will be made by deputies running the checkpoint.*****

This closure includes all of Navarre Beach from the Santa Rosa County line to the east and Gulf Islands National Seashore border to the west on both the gulf and sound side of Navarre Beach.

This decision was reached based on discussions with leaders in the healthcare industry, our observations of density on the beach yesterday, and an anticipated increase in the number of beachgoers as neighboring beaches close," said Commission Chairman Don Salter, District 3. "This measure will decrease travel incentives and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Once we are assured by our medical professionals it is safe, our beautiful beaches will be reopened for all to enjoy."

While the boat ramp will be open, parking will be limited. The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office has a checkpoint near the pier entrance (past the boat ramp entrance) to ensure access is granted only to those who:

  • are Navarre Beach residents.
  • are current guests of a hotel on Navarre Beach.
  • are renting a condominium or home on Navarre Beach.
  • own a business or are conducting business (service and delivery persons) on Navarre Beach.
  • who are met at the checkpoint by a resident or a guest currently staying on Navarre Beach.

 "The Sheriff’s Office will work judiciously with each individual to substantiate their need for access," said Sgt. Rich Aloy. "We appreciate your patience and understanding under these circumstances."