Kitten Care / Wait Until Eight

What is Kitten Season?
Kitten season is the time of year when more kittens are being born, usually lasting from April to October. Each season, the shelter sees hundreds of newborn kittens surrendered. Kittens do not become available for adoption until they are least eight weeks of age and healthy. While the shelter does their best to save each one, they do not have adequate resources to care for them and rely on foster homes to take in several litters during this time.
Wait Until Eight
If someone comes across a litter of kittens, they should not bring them to the shelter. Kittens younger than eight weeks have the best chance of survival with their mothers. Instead, wait six to eight hours for the mother to return. If the mother does not come back during that time, then they can assume care for them.
After someone takes the kittens, they are responsible for their care. If they cannot keep them, they should find a safe home that can bottle-feed them and get appropriate veterinary care until they can find adoptable homes. The Kitten Lady has helpful information on how to care for orphaned kittens.
If someone finds a sick or injured kitten, they should get it veterinary care immediately. Follow this guide to determine if a kitten is in need of care. Bringing kittens to the shelter should be a last resort. If care cannot be found for the kittens, call the shelter at 850-983-4680 for other options.
Foster Program
To help prepare for the large influx of kittens, the shelter is looking for kitten fosters. If a kitten or litter needs a home until they are old enough to be adopted, the shelter has a list of pre-approved fosters. Fostering kittens is constant, challenging work and often includes bottle-feeding every few hours. There are a lot of great resources to help foster kittens and the shelter will help every step of the way. Fosters can care for kittens from a few weeks to a several months. For more information on fostering or to sign up to be a kitten foster, visit
Amazon Wish List
Help the shelter stock up on items like kitten formula by shopping our Amazon Wish List.These items will help foster families offset the cost of caring for kittens. To donate, simply shop the wish list and ship directly to the shelter’s address.