Never Filed a VA Disability Claim

We look forward to assisting you in filing your first VA Disability Claim. Before your appointment, please make sure you have the following:

  • Copies of medical records that contain diagnosis and treatment entries of the issue(s) you are claiming; i.e. Military Medical Records (MMRs, SMRs and STRs), VA medical treatment records, as well as all civilian medical records. If you were given a copy of your Military Medical Records when you separated or retired please go page by page and tab each item you wish to claim. You can ask any civilian medical provider for copies of your records and do the same.
    • At the very least we will need the name and addresses (dates are helpful too) of every civilian doctor or medical facility that has treated you. This includes any out-of-state civilian doctors and locations of each VA Hospital or Clinic that has treated you.
  • To obtain copies of your VA Medical records, go to your local VA Clinic and locate the Release of Information (ROI) office and request copies from every VA medical facility that has treated you (especially those outside our local area)

All medical records must be paper copies, not CD or DVD

  • If you are married, we need your spouse’s social security number and a copy of your marriage certificate
  • We need dates, cities, states (Country name if outside the US) of all previous marriages, divorces, and deaths for YOUR and the VETERAN’S former (or late) spouses
  • If you have dependents, we also need social security numbers and birth certificates
  • Bank account information, i.e. routing number and account number