Civil Service Board Nominations Open

Civil Service Board Announcement for Nominations

Nominations for a position with the Civil Service Board in Santa Rosa County will be accepted by the Supervisor of Elections through April 21 (4:30 p.m.). The open position represents classified employees with the Board of County Commission Taxing Authority and requires 15 classified employees of the county commission to sign the required petitions. Petitions are available at the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Office, Suite F, or Santa Rosa County Human Resources, Suite H, 6495 Caroline Street in Milton, as well as online at Any registered voter in Santa Rosa County qualifies. County officers, elected officials, county employees and persons convicted of felony or crimes involving moral turpitude are disqualified.

 About the Civil Service Board

  • The Civil Service Board works with the Human Resources Department to resolve employee grievances on an as-needed basis. 
  • The Civil Service Board consists of five members who serve a 4-year term. Two members elected by vote of the county commission, classified employees, one member appointed by the county commission, and two members by vote of the constitutional officers. 


  • Any registered voter residing in the County is eligible to be a member of the Civil Service Board. 
  • County officers, elected officials, employees of the County, and persons convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude are not eligible to hold such position. 


  • This is a volunteer position serving a 4-year term beginning May 2023. 
  • Meetings are held at least once per year and on an as-needed basis when employee grievances arise. 
  • Civil Service Board members receive a fixed allowance of at least $150.00 per month. 

How to File a Petition

  • Petitions are available at: 
    • Supervisor of Elections Office located at 6495 Caroline Street, Suite F, Milton, FL . 
    • Human Resources Department located at 6495 Caroline Street, Suite H, Milton, FL. 
    • Online at 

Deadline to Filing Petition

  • Petitions will be accepted by the Supervisor of Elections through 4:30 p.m. on April 21, 2023. 


  • For additional information contact the Human Resources Department at 850-983-1948 or Supervisor of Elections at 850-983-1900.