Where can I pick up my item(s)?

Requested items can be picked up at the Santa Rosa County Library of the patron’s choice. Some materials may not be available for check out and will be designated as “In Library Use Only,” such as difficult to replace materials (including those deemed expensive or rare), and materials received for in-house use only.

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1. What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
2. What type of items can I request?
3. Are there any items I can't request?
4. How many items can I request?
5. Is there a fee to request ILL items?
6. How long will it take to get the material I requested?
7. Will I get a notice when my items are ready to be picked up?
8. What is the checkout period for ILL materials?
9. Where can I pick up my item(s)?
10. How long will my item(s) be held?
11. How do I return my item(s)?
12. Are there fines for overdue ILL items?
13. What happens if I damage or lose an item?