What is a Special Needs Shelter?

Special Needs Shelters are temporary, emergency-type facilities capable of providing special/supervised housing to individuals whose physical or mental condition exceeds the Red Cross Disaster Health Services' level of capability for basic first aid in emergency / disaster shelters but is not severe enough to require hospitalization. Special Needs Shelters are intended to provide an environment of those requiring limited medical assistance or surveillance due to a pre-existing health problem. It is highly encouraged to seek shelter outside the area of danger. Sheltering whether it is a Special Needs Shelter or a General Shelter should be your shelter of last resort.

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1. What is the Special Needs Registry?
2. What is a Special Needs Shelter?
3. What process is used to determine Special Needs Sheltering?
4. How often do I have to register or update my Special Needs application?
5. Do I qualify for Special Needs Sheltering?
6. Will I be notified of a pending disaster?
7. What if I need transportation to the Special Needs Shelter?
8. Can I go to the Special Needs Shelter if I reside in an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home?
9. Can I receive my hemodialysis treatments at the Special Needs Shelter?
10. What is a Caregiver?
11. Why do I need a Caregiver?