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Commercial Hauler Registration Form

  1. Commercial Company/Hauler Registration
  2. Contact Information for Daily Operations of Company
  3. Waste Generation Information (Check all that apply)
  4. Areas of Operation
  5. Typical Waste Types
  6. The above information is necessary for the county to fulfill reporting requirements set by the State of Florida under Florida Administrative Code 62‐701.500(4)(a), Solid Waste Management Facilities. The county is required to report all types of waste received at the Central Landfill in tons and by county of origin. Failure to provide accurate information may result in delays in processing of incoming loads, correction of errors in billing and the inability of the hauler to receive important information related to landfill operation and fees in a timely manner. In addition, providing inaccurate or false information that results in underpayment of fees for disposal or recycling services may result in rejection of future waste loads. The county may request additional documentation to confirm the type and origin of each load of waste presented for disposal or recycling to meet reporting required by Florida Administrative Code 62‐701.
  7. Questions or comments may be addressed to:
  8. Environmental Department
    Phone: (850) 981-7135

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