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Santa Rosa County Library Card Application - Children (under 18)

  1. This online library card application form is for CHILD residents of Santa Rosa County and Pensacola Beach, and should be completed by a parent/guardian.

    You will be notified when your library card application has been processed and your card is ready to be picked up at the library. A photo ID and proof of residency must be presented when picking up your card. If your photo ID is Real ID compliant & contains your current address, presenting it will be sufficient.

  2. Please complete the following information for your child.

  3. Please complete the following information for the parent/guardian.

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  5. Required if you wish to receive texts.

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  10. Please read before submitting: I verify that the information above is correct. I agree that by submitting this application, I assume responsibility for all use of this card, including Internet usage. I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on this card. I agree to observe all library rules, to pay all charges, and to notify the library of any changes to my contact information. I understand that I am responsible for my child and his/her use of all library materials including the Internet.

  11. By checking "agree" I am virtually signing my application.*

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